No backpack on death

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What happened: On Pandowa PVE: Backpack despawned instantly, looting old backpack with lootall button when killed did not drop new backpack
Player(s) with issue: Cardboard Jack
Server: HWS NA
Time (cb:time): 7:25 PT
Playfield: Pandowa
Structure Name(s): Rados Missle Silo
Structure ID(s): Write here
How can we help you now: Is my backpack simply gone, is this normal behavior for the game? I apologize if I am wasting anyones time, my understanding of the backpack was a 30 min timer

Cant even access my new backpack now, the F key does nothing, no square appears to indicate a box to open. If anyone can tell me what I am doing wrong I would be very happy

Try to relog, seems to be a desync issue if you can’t access your backpack.

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