No commands are working. None at all


I’ve played on HWS for about a week or so now. Unfortunately, since I started playing I have not been able to use any commands at all.

Any help would be great.


Hey @Spark

as the server tells you:

15.03.2017 22:51:26 SERVER Server @Spark: Sorry. There is a different player with the same name. Chatbot does not work for you. Please change your Steam-Name or talk to an Admin.

This means either you change your username (close the game, change your steamname, start the game again) quick or you have to wait till the other guy will be auto removed after 15 days because he doesn’t play anymore.

Otherwise the tool don’t know who is the guy who enter the commands so we block it. Wouldn’t be good if the other Spark would reset himself and you get resetted :wink:


Hi @RexXxuS

Thanks! That fixed the issue!


Make sure to change your forum name to match in game name :stuck_out_tongue: