No fiber on H1?

I just want to get a yes or no to rule out bug or intent.

Feel like I’ve been around the planet a few good times since release but the only harvest-able plants I’ve seen are alien thorn.


on District H1 is no fiber, correct. I thought it would also fit in the mentioned category by choosing the starter planet: Difficulty: Impossible.

If it is really needed I can add it though.

There is seaweed though

No I like the difficulty, my only concern is the impact on origin prep, especially for large groups with the only food source being random meat drops, and the inability to create first-aid consumables given the amount of alien contact on the planet (poison/parasites happen a lot while running around there).

So far everything else is enjoyable… It’s nice to have a sense of urgency when outside the base, but, I also do like having a farm haha.