No iron, can't advance

hi, 2.5 weeks ago I started this game, in the first week there were no problems at all but for the last 1.5 week I have not seen any iron meteor spawn at the freelancer starter planet. So there is no way to advance in the game for starters.
Is there anything known about when this bug will be fixed??

people said “you have to mine meteors for others to spawn…” or “the drops are random.” but when it doesn’t drop at all for 1.5 week there must be something wrong.

So is there any info about when it will be fixed?
Thanks in advance.


  1. Other meteorites are taking up the iron-slot-count so no iron meteorites drop. Shoot/mine other meteorites.
  2. There are some but they may be deep under water (imo = design fail from devs and on top a possible design fail from admin to have so much water on starter area (I know this is good for performance but bad for balance)).
  3. It can bug. I had sometimes no meteorite drop at all for hours and I was on a desert planet so I could SEE every possible meteorite that would drop. But none dropped for hours… Went to another planet and again no meteorites… I ragequit at that point. Aliens & meteorites are too rare, especially for PVE server…

In 5.0 the meta is really to just spend most time searching for meteorites/aliens. Other than the guaranteed POI on starter planets (which is also abused, of course…).

While we wait for 5.1 (which I really hope will fix this), ask in global to trade some other resource or join a faction for some iron.

Yh I guess trading is the only possibility left for me cuz I have ben mining other meteors all the time when I play for 1.5 week but never there dropped a iron and yes I also search all the water area’s.
Thanks for the response anyways :wink:

Try to log on on friday, after the wipe you should find some iron deposits, place an autominer and you will have iron for all the week. (make sure to upgrade your autominers asap)

A few things I have noticed:
First, as is mentioned above, there is a max meteorite count. If you reach that, no new ones will fall. You can tell you reached this point if the messages stop popping up. AT THIS POINT you need to get in an sv, and spiral around the planet looking for meteorites. They do not show up out of range of your player anymore, and chances are if they are in water, people missed them.
Second, If you are only one on planet (unlikely since its the starter, but possible) the meteorites only appear to spawn when you are on foot, and then they spawn between 100 and 500 meters from you (generally).
Third, while you are looking for iron, another reason to grab all the meteorites you can is that people like me can help you out by buying the extra mats you get, and then selling you iron. Pick Blue crystal, fiber, and anything else you can find out there. Just because its not what you are looking for doesnt mean its not what someone else is, and they could have a surplus of what you need. Trading works. You just need to use those starter freelancer creds wisely to post orders to elemental market or the like.

[quote=“mcprouty, post:5, topic:3643”]
If you are only one on planet (unlikely since its the starter, but possible) the meteorites only appear to spawn when you are on foot, and then they spawn between 100 and 500 meters from you (generally).
[/quote]Thanks I didn’t know that (stupid mechanic but okay). Perhaps that explains some cases for me. However even while I was (on foot) wiping out some POI’s, they still didn’t drop at all. I still think that bugs are also a reason for them not dropping.

It is possible. I cannot explain certain situations, like a meteorite being found in space, or having meteorites appear to drop where no players are. But They seem to be the exception rather than the rule.
To the on foot thing though, I have found that the game triggers many things (such as alien spawns) based on players being on foot. If something seems wierd, it is often worthwhile testing to try and get out of the ship.

Lol yes I also found some in space or even inside a planet (but in orbit, impossible to mine). I thought this was supposed to be fixed in 5.0.3 or something. But I still saw a few.

Aliens are not more likely to spawn on foot but spawn from further away. But if you get close enough with a vessel they will spawn as well (same rate) but only at a closer proximity. Giving the illusion that on foot triggers more spawns. At least those are my findings in 5.0 not 100% sure. And Player-Drones don’t trigger alien spawns so you can sneak-peek without triggering anything and then blow it up from a distance sometimes before it can spawn anything. But getting into gray areas again I’ll shut up :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyhow the low spawn rate of meteorites on some PVP planets really annoys me. Having to AFK for long periods of time between each meteorite = fail gameplay.

Also remember to make use of all the free HWS AM levels. Just fuel them with drill charges and you’ll get a small amount of everything. If you have creds upgrade those ores you need more of.

But yeah, I search all land and water though the only thing I find is copper, silicon most of all. and very sometimes, cobalt or magnesium. and yh I gather them all for new ones to spawn which is again copper and silicon. never iron, and ofcourse trading is part of the game. but my point of this topic is that iron just won’t drop and that it is bugged out for already almost 2 weeks xD.

This is NA? or EU

EU server

womp. Well Im on the NA server. I might be able to CSW over and bring supplies, but I know no one over there trustworthy enough to distribute to new guys

yh me neither, I am playing solo

There is no iron on freelancer starter. Its not because of bad luck, its just bug or somehow extremely low chance to spawn.
I finished off about 10 meteorites. My friends from faction probably 40 or more cos they use only HV to mine. I have seen probably 80-100 meteorites incoming messages. Since this day (started to play i think 8 days ?) never seen any iron meteorites. Nobody have ever seen meteorite on freelancer since i started playing.
Only way to acquire iron is to make SV go to moon mine Sathium and Neodymium and make autominer. But you have to be certain level to do this…so because there is very hard to aquire that level because small numbers of creeps/animals on planet (dont know whats happening but there is almost nothing past few days) you can only mine to make level which is slow.
So basicaly only way to get aut of planet is begging another players. This is kinda weird way to play this game.
IM NOT CRITICISING OR SOMETHING, i know you have lot of work to do. But its realy pis**ing me off when somebody says we are not supose to automine on starter planets (it was another topic i did start-but nwm). Because this is only way to ever accuire iron on freelancer.Hell this is the only way to build something big enough so nobody can destroy your ship in 0.5 seconds.
And please stop saying that other meteorites are taking slots because iron is…you can call it bug, you can call it bugged spawn i dont care…its just not bad luck or misunderstanding of how game works.

So Monar if you need some iron or you need some autominers (I can exchange for you cores) you can ask me in game or another players.

lol yea thats exactly what I mean ;p, people keep saying “its random” “farm other meteors first” but no matter how many I gather I never see an iron one. and I need about 10k iron to make my CV design.
and I think autominers are a cheat. advanced players come to the starter planets place 10 of those things at every mine and suck all the rss away from the starters while they are offline…

Ok a few things.
You do not need 10k iron for your first cv. You need 160.
Secondly, AM do not “suck up” anything. Like at all. They do not deplete deposits. Neither do vets who know what they are doing. Noobs deplete nodes, and I dont blame them, because you cannot GET the AM’s before you get the ores. (unless you trade). This is one of the big reasons for the wiping start area. But if this area is bugged, you can trade for what you need for the warp sled I posted above, and warp to a system that is not.
You drop to the planet with more mats than this warp sled requires, except for the four rare ores.

lel, I know I don’t need 10k for a useless warper, I need 10k though for a proper ship. and those auto mining devices do deplete mines. always where there is one there is a big straight tunnel beneath it. that it mined away.

and that link is hidden, can’t open it.

No. They do not deplete. I promise you this is a well established fact. I have mines with 7 miners on them, that are at 100%. If there are holes, it is because someone came along and dug out the deposit
Look for my name on workshop. Ship called warp sled. You do what you want, but if it really is as bad as you say it is, that will get you off the starter and out to a deposit that is not bugged. Maybe start with something capable and cheap before you build a “proper” ship. And btw, I promise you that anything you can build with 10k iron will be basically a nice juicy snack for a pirate.
Just trying to help here.

Apologies, the link was hidden because they updated the workshop agreement. Should work now