No Resource Packages?

I’m relatively new to the server. Brand new to the forums. Just seeing if I could get clarification about the resource packages. I have none available, but donated 15€ some days ago. Am I correct in assuming that I should receive some and if so, when and how can I access them?

Thank you for your assistance with this matter. I’ve enjoyed playing on the HWS server and hope to do so for the foreseeable future.



you donated to keep 5m Credits after wipe and we activated this feature.
If you donated for the HWS Donator please pm me or send us the confirmation EMail since we cant find any other donation.

Thank you

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Ah, I see. I took a closer look at the donation options and I understand that I would have to select the ‘HWS Donator’ option to receive resource packages, which I just did. :D. I’m assuming it’ll take some time for that to register, but hopefully now I’ll have that ability on the server. Thank you for your help.


thank you very much for your support! :slight_smile:
Got everything.
Have fun!


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