No RP for red T2 laser rifle & 300 pentaxid in inv

From the freelancer description i should get RP for having an epic laser rifle plus 300 pentaxid in my inventory.

As Rexxxus did not clearly define if refined or raw pentaxid was meant i just took both. Epic weapons are (unfortunately) no longer in the game (ohh lord, please let rain brain from the sky directly onto Eleon), so the red T2 laser rifle should have replaced the “epic” ?

But we are not receiving RP for that.

I updated the Guide yesterday.

There you get all latest and correct infos

And that means… what ? No RP for having the red T2 Laser rifle & 300 refined pentaxid in my inventory ? Elfias had the same problem.

Rexxxus, this is definitly bugged. I tested all, red T2 laser rifle in hotbar and 300 refined pentaxid in hotbar and inventory

Its already clarified. Rexxx sees in tool we are getting RP, but we in Player log dont see it. Jascha Thee AI promised to fix it.

All we need to do is note rep on paper in evening and check if we really geting some :smiley: in morning.
This is matter of utmost importance as there is Beautiful Package waiting at 500 :smiley:

There is more invisible reputation im suspicious, Alliance Visit ECC once per day, it never showed in my Player Log, I never got any message that i completed this, until now i dont have a clue.

Thank you all for claryfying that :slight_smile:

I noticed that i got more RP than i should but was missing the entry in the player log.

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