No RP gain

I am with Hunter Origin. Have an Epic sniper permanently in inventory and warping multiple times per day.

However I am not gaining any RP. Please, take a look.

Thank you.

Hunter origin earns rep by having their epic and killing other players. They don’t earn rep by warping. It’s all covered in the guide.

PDA says Hunters get RP by having an epic and warping at least once every 24h.
Additional 7 RPs if they kill.

Which is true, which false ?

I don’t think the pda has been fully updated for 6.0
Go by the guide.

The warping is from 5.0, it’s been changed since then.
For hunters it’s now 2rp per player kill.

OK here then: HWS Story - Reputation Points / The Alien Sacrifice / Death

It says “Updated for 6.0” and “Each origin has unique active and passive ways of earning RP”.

What is the passive way for RP for Hunters ?

Keep reading further down, it explains each origin. Can’t miss it.

Hunting for fun? Hunting for business!

+2 RP per player kill

Another thing you cannot miss is that killing players is not passive.

Read further down and it explains which alien container also gives you rep. Perhaps that is the passive? Those are the only two ways Hunter earns rep without buying it.

If you don’t like those options you may be in the wrong origin.

Passive is like:
"+1 RP per day for living only in PvE ( no private / faction structure in PvP) [Starter systems excluded]“
”+1 RP per day if you have 999 Gold Ingots in your inventory"

It’s like you don’t have to do anything to get it (excluding the initial action of putting something in inventory).

I understand that, it doesn’t change the fact that there are only two ways for Hunter to earn rep without buying it.

Trader and pirate are the only two with a truly passive way to earn. They all have their own benefits and drawbacks, it’s all pretty balanced.

Hunters have no passive, other ways to earn rp is from buying it and from Containers from pda missions, if you want passive then you need to be trader or pirate i think

Thanks Kogami, I was just wondering if the PDA info is correct or not. Not related with any preference I have or not.

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