NO SKILL POINTS for the lvl just hws skill tree 600

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

I used the hws skill tree to lvl up to 25

i didnt receive any off the skill points for lvling up only the 600 from the hws tree

im on server HWS RE NA



maybe reset me so i can lvl normally so i can have all the skill points

that package does not provide unlock points, only level 25. there are PDA missions for you to gain more unlock points. data pads are another way to gain points after lvl 25.

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Hi, assuming you’re refering to Upgrade Points and the skill tree in HWS Connect, there’s a button in the bottom of it to reapply your skills.

This might give you your UP back.

thank you for the response but neither option helped ill just do the cb;reset when I can

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