No wrap to the ship after crosserver wrap

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What happened:
=> After the warp from NA was waiting for a 20 minutes for the warp to the ship. Usually after log in proper serve in a few minutes alt will be warp to the ship and all content of backpack reappeared.
Not today. Was waiting for a more than 20 min nothing happened . Got to my ship and … but lost all fa:supply. :frowning:

**Player(s) with issue:**YGA


**Time (cb:time):**25-04; 17:35 - 18:21

**Playfield:**EU cross server warp field

Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now: can somebody explain how to awoid this? Can I get back supply?

Did you move around after you finished the CSW?

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yes you did not move (you need to move after csw for a few meters or do cb:startjobs).
As soon as you moved CSW was completed and you got all your stuff.

I also see your faction supply in the backpack. What exactly are you missing?

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