Nondeleted structures since very long time

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What happened: I have played this server a long time ago. Today installed Empyrion again and tried to connect to the HWS. Meanwhile I have checked structure commander and noticed for my several ships and bases were not deleted and that suprised me. Nevertheless then i connected to the server it suggest me to start from the beginning.
Player(s) with issue: MSL
Server: Eu
Time (cb:time): 25.06.2018, 0325
Playfield: Ju, Peacekeeper East
Structure Name(s): ****, ***, Hover Vessel (HV), Debarkader
Structure ID(s): 7077142, 7506013, 7698147, 5711140
How can we help you now: May I continue my old game and use my previous structures, equipment, storage etc, or I shall start all over again from the very beginning? Why my ships are in the list of nondeleted structures?

On the 12th of this month was 8.0 release and servers were cleaned/wiped.

most likely cashe in your browser =)

HWS connect will not update until you log ingame to fetch the new data.

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