None Origin PvP Planets are too poor

It’s difficult to live on PvP, but there doesn’t seem to be any incentive other than just to see if you can survive. If all common ore deposits 1 of each except for gold zas and ere where on pvp planets. It would make it a lot more attractive to live on. Zas gold and ere excluded still gives people a reason to leave and explore but having the rest allows you to survive the long winter while people continually raid your planet forcing you into attrition. In 4.0 we where able to harvest tons and tons in relative safety and we built up a huge stockpile, but that is almost dry already with the continues repair of bases, with very little deposit viriety those of us living on pvp will eventually not be able to hold up and will have to go sit on starter planet and farm it up again like everyone else making more lag for beginners and draining their resources… I’t doesn’t make sense to me. If we could put up 200k ore at a time on market then sure trade would be viable, but with stack size limited to 999 there is no ways in hell that trade can make up for it :’/.

Anyways this is just my thoughts, please consider carefully before rage posting guys.

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I agree, look Ori for example, full PVP planets with what ? 3 ressources : cobalt / copper / silicon…not even Iron :confused:

PVP planets should have plenty of ressources while PVE less :smiley:

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To stop a bit of redundancy :wink:

Take a deep breath, drill everything you can, even if your teeths are needed… and be stronk… the winter is almost over


I think meteorites should just drop more, especially on PVP. AFK-ing 20 minutes for a single meteorite to drop on a homeworld planet is absurd. And god forbid it, it falls into the water/lava and on top of that is magnesium or something useless…

I’m also hoping for faster/more alien respawns on PVE server including on PVE planets and still hoping for random orbit encounters with big alien ships (with proper AI).

I hope winter is over soon :slight_smile: The only purpose of winter is to go apres ski (excuse to get drunken and to break your bones) and to make many babies.

Ah ty Rex didn’t see the result of the poll :slight_smile: Good it’s a no PVE win !

I agree for meteorites, personnaly i don’t need as i’m an old rich player, but i think of all the new who want to settle on PVP planets, the minimum should be at least 6 basic ressources IR/COP/COB/SIL/PROM/MAG, to be able to fuel everything, make ammo to defend etc…:smiley:

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My bad, forgot completely about that :smiley:

awesome, btw. Maybe this is not the right place, but do you guys know why iron and some other important resources are not spawning at the starter planets???

You are right, it is not the right place. But easy to answer. It is spawning. The deposits get depleted very early, so it drops as meteorites. After a reset or backup, all of them drop again. In between, you have to find where they are already dropped and mine them (or blow them up) for another one to drop.

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yup thats how is should work though only copper, magnesim and silicon was dropping but will see how is goes now. ;p