Not getting RP

Warped with epic assault rifle in inventory twice. Then waited 30 min, no rep. Logged off, now about 10 hours later still: 0 RP.

Did you die at all during that time? each death is -1 rp

No. There’s something wrong with the RP gain not working sometimes.

I’ll check what went wrong.

I also didn’t get my RP yesterday I believe. Still at 4 RP. Not 100% sure though but pretty sure. Don’t care about the RP (don’t need it manually added) but there is likely a bug that sometimes fails to give RP even when you met all the conditions.

I implemented some logs to figure out why someone does not get RP. Let you know soon.

I just warped twice again, this time with proof. If I don’t get the RP within the next hour then it’s bugged for sure. I waited for half an hour before logging so perhaps it will still come.

^Shows weapon + warp animation. Second attempt.

Ok at 13:54 is the next Reputation run. Lets see if that works then.

31.12.2016 12:54:20.807 I Faction_Bonus_Check: Checking Player ‘Squirting Elephant’ for Reputations
31.12.2016 12:54:20.808 I Faction_Bonus_Check: Player ‘Squirting Elephant’ did not have Epic Item in his backpack
31.12.2016 13:54:21.120 I Faction_Bonus_Check: Checking Player ‘Squirting Elephant’ for Reputations
31.12.2016 13:54:21.121 I Faction_Bonus_Check: Player ‘Squirting Elephant’ did not Warp

One smal problem. You warped in the hour before, but had no item in backpack???
Now you had the item, but did not warp. Could that be or was the item both times in there?

Everyone else got RP.

The item was in the backpack as shown in screenshot at the time of warp. Then warped back again with item in my inventory. Then landed on planet and put epic item in cargo box because I’m not gonna carry it around with me all day because I don’t want to lose it.

Still have 0 RP yes…

Yes the item was there in my inventory during all 4 warps. The screenshot proves it (zoom in on center and you see the warp animation). I just logged in and found out I have 0 RP. I checked the guide and it does not require me to have the epic gun for the full hour.

Must be a bug.

ah… there we go. Thats the problem. You need to keep that item IN your inventory during the Reputation-Function. You cant take it out. It does not matter if you have it during the warp in your backpack. Just at the time the function checks the reputation.

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