Not getting skill tree bonus

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What happened: I have the +50 hp skill from the t1 tree but I am still only at 500 hp total, tried relogging. I am getting t2 t3 skills though
Player(s) with issue: Booyaah
Server: NA
How can we help you now: see if it is a bug?

Did you click during login procedure?

I think I now realized what happened now…

Apparently I was logged into HWS EU Connect when I selected my T1 skill. Then later the next 2 days I applied my T2 and T3 skill points while logged into HWS NA Connect, even though it already showed by T1 skill as already fulfilled. So when I go over to EU I get the extra 50 hp from the T1 skill, but when I CSW back to NA I get the +70 food and +50 stamina from the T2/T3 skills.

I’m not sure if it is a bug or intended by design if they should be shared across both servers or not…

That is the reason I spent couple of time and effort to create a guide people must read or deal with it

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