Not received resource package

I bought a XL resource package yesterday but still have not received it yet? I am only new to the game

Hello @Abram

thanks for your support first of all!

You got your package but you have to actively claim it.
It’s mentioned on the website:

Once you got 5 HWS RP, you can type this do:rp:xl command.

Thanks again and enjoy your stay.


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I have tried this many times even when I had RP but will try again although my points are gone, will this package stay there and how long, thanks!

Please make sure your spelling is correct. You typed it wrong last time I checked.

07.12.2018 18:28:03 Abram do:rp:xl ->
07.12.2018 18:28:03 SERVER Empyrion @Abram:Sorry, but you don’t have any resource package that is called ‘xl ->’

You have at the moment 4 RP, once you get +1 (tomorrow for example), try again please.

The package stays “permanent” until you use it.
Overall it’s better called “One time use”.

That’s great thanks very much for your time!


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