Not receiving rp as lawless

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Never received rp for lawless, despite always carrying a full gold coin stack, red minigun, and living on a pvp world.
Player(s) with issue: CaptainDickard, Revage, Jkaye
Server: NA
Playfield: Zirax HQ (sp?)
How can we help you now: Provide information on how to resolve the issue.


first of all please grab some drink and read this page slowly and carefully again:

Then you will notice two mistakes you made and can correct:

  1. You are having 999 Gold Coins in your inventory. The page is telling you that it must be Gold Ingots though

  2. You have structures on PvE (Origin system). The page is telling you that it must be ONLY PvP. No PvE stuff.

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