Not receiving xenosteel from Recycle

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What happened:
=> I recycled a structure which had somewhere around 1300 Xenosteel in it. When I did I didn’t receive any xeno back despite having recycle 5. In my dashboard on connect it shows that it saw the xeno but did not give any back.

Player(s) with issue:
=> RaveKittiez

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> 20-02-06, 20:25

=> Void

Structure Name(s):
=> VOID Temple

Structure ID(s):
=> 6384709

How can we help you now:
=> Is it intended for us to receive xeno back from this? If so, then a bug fix and some xeno! If not then nothing I suppose.

Check your dashboard for your recycle information, should show if Xeno blocks were sent to OCD and if there was any room for them.

Should show this: Structure name (6608170): ’ 'OCD: 11519(12799) x Xeno Steel Block

Or this if there was no room: OCD no space: 1964(26577) x Xeno Steel Block

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this is a part of your logs:
|06.02.2020 20:25:45|Recycle|Structure (6384709): ’
Not: 1222 x Alien Block (408)
Not: 58 x Alien Block (408)

You sure you saw xeno blocks and not alien?

Alien blocks are xenoblocks. Historically speaking on HWS if you recycled a base with alien blocks they were converted to xeno. If you place an alien block, it registers as xeno and if you pick it back up again it’s xeno.

No they are actually 2 different block types. With alpha 11 they have even different stats.
I have to check how recycle deals with it.

How/where did you get alien blocks from?

I did not receive the alien blocks.
They were inside of the Void POI called VOID Temple.

Like a regenerative POI?

I checked the Recycle logic and it’s intentional to not get it.
As I said. Alien Blocks and Xeno Blocks are different. It’s not supposed to get Alien Blocks.

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