Not So Happy New Year ... Help please?

Hi Guys,

So, New Years Eve after some building and a little planning my faction established their first base on Neptune. Coming onto the planet we had a mishap with another faction and one of our ships took a good battering. We made an alliance with the Faction involved (SCT) and they gave us help in getting back up and running, great guys seemingly. Having set up defences and dug out our base we left around 8pm for New Year Celebrations.
Returning the next day, everything we’d built, saved and mined was gone. Although defences were still intact and powered, there were no craters indicating anything had been fired and the logs show that the same members who helped us visited our stuff in the small hours. Having faith in humanity and appreciating the help they gave us in the first place, I find it difficult to believe they took us out. Is there any way of confirming what actually happened to our base, ships and gear? Any help appreciated :slight_smile:


Soooo I am just gonna say here, make sure you ally with EVERYONE in your origin, not just the ones you come across
what faction are you with?

Hi McProuty, fair point indeed. Just getting into the PVP thing to be fair, having only dabbled in 4.0 on HWS. My Mates have all gone to play Elite Dangerous so we’re only a small faction - ACM. Cheers for the reply.

No worries. I take it you are on EU server?

We sure are …

I dont want to do them wrong. It looks like they did it, because they were there exactly when it happend.
But they would have to do so in 2 minutes. And they must have entered the planet right at the perfect spot to do so…
Not sure if it was a bug, or if they really did that.

Hi Jascha, thanks for the reply. Ive messaged the faction leader directly so am awaiting a response. Presumably, even though there’s an alliance, this wouldn’t grant them access to the base? The Core was well hidden, deep underground and they’d have had to find it. In addition one of the ships we had was in bits. No one would have wanted that, only for mats and it would have taken way more than two minutes to deconstruct. Anyway, clearly nothing we can do until we speak to SCT so I’ll sit tight for now, but this all seems very odd to me …

Ok, had a good chat with Scorpenstein of SCT and Im positive they didnt have anything to do with the base. He’s in the process of spawning me a CV to get me where I need to be, and as with the accidental incident we had when we arrived on planet, the clan are bending over backwards to help. Nice Guys indeed.

Im not here for a moan, but it would be good to get to the bottom of this if theres anymore light we can shed. We lost a helluva lot of stuff and looking at what was left, it all just seems to be too clean a removal to have been manually destroyed by someone quickly. Anyway, Im no expert so I’ll leave it in your capable hands. If its a bug, it needs highlighting, if not … well, who knows.

Cheers all

I will take a deeper look into the Server-Logs. Maybe I find something there

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Hi Jascha, am sure you have other priorities, but just a little nudge to see if youre any wiser?

Sadly nothing to see there :frowning:
But that does not mean much.

Ok, well one of those things. thanks for looking …

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