Nova OCD - Fill it with infinite goodies

So the resource package is really nice - BUT you know what would be even nicer?

An OCD. Filled with infinite resources and ammo where OCD get doesn’t subtract anything.

Infinite ingots of each type, infinite CV and BA ammo, infinite fusion cells and O2 and so on.

You don’t need to worry about having it link to HWS Connect - because hey it’s always full. Just tell us what slot is what and we can go from there.

do:re is great but if all you need is 5k silicon - well guess what, you’re going to need to do do:re 5 times and empty inventory every time. If you need CV ammo - got to craft it - and you won’t have enough resources either.

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You mean like “itemmenu” ?

They didn’t enable that on purpose I think, so we are “testing” more, not just spawn everything and play.

Otherwise, I’ll be happy to see godmode and itemmenu as well.

Thanks for the suggestion.
We have currently bigger features to implement but maybe it is easy for jascha to build.

I improved the do:re package a bit for now.

Or we give some dedicated tester people special permissions.

Even better - make different Packages:
do:re - resource pack
do:ir:X or do:go:X and so on - Package with specific resources which we match in name and number (X)
do:armor - armor blocks
do:cvammo - CV ammo pack (proportions we could tell u, if u need)
do:svammo - same as CV
do:hvammo - same as CV
do:fuel - package with fuel cells
do:survival - food + O2 (hand and for vessels) + handweapon + ammo for that

I think, if we would had more options for getting resources which we need in dat moment - than we would waste less time for typing commands and more for testing.

(Just my humble opinion)

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I agree with the mord and Alex, it’s still truncated to make the war machine walk on the server NEW, you improved it a lot, I think the idea of Alex, mixed with part of the idea of the mord, will bring the dynamics that we need For the tests, this server must be fast to build the machine for the combat power to create the CV, HV, SV and BA quickly, municia them, fuel them and go to the tests and do not forget a pack of Food and small bottle o2, hand guns and ammunition.

The purpose of the server and test features and not upar character and tree of skill.

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