NPC Core - didnt get it

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What happened:
Got not NPC Core for succesfull finishing a mission.
Player(s) with issue:

HWS European
Time (cb:time):
=> aroun 21:50-22:00

=> ECC Planet

Structure Name(s):
=> Alien Asylum Mission (EEC HQ)

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:
=> I started the mission with 3 friends. 1 got killed, 3 finished the mission. Only one of them got 1 NPC Core. I didnt got it.

Hello @TIFA70

as you can find in the forum a few times:
you didn’t get it because the motion sensor area was blocked by too many players.
Make sure nobody is around the Alien Asylum Stargate area. Then go one by one near it and you get it. (if "Return to ECC is the last action in your PDA)

I still dont get it.

I’ve heard you did not trigger all lever by yourself!?
Can you share a screenshot of your Alien Asylum PDA window please.
Then we know more…

All trigger have been opened so we could finish mission. How do i know that i have (or each of us) to do trigger all lever by myself? One did it, and we finished it.

Hi, we all went in on this asylum mission, all levers were pressed, we all exited the activated portal at the end.

All I know is tifa and grimm were both with asylum mission activated automatically by entering the portal.
When we all left, the exit portal sensor must have missed tifa

I presume the point of the mission was to do it together, also we did it yesterday with another group where multiple members received the core for the mission.

Thanks for the screenshot.
Yes, as you can see: you did not trigger the lever by yourself. You still have to do it by yourself one by one.

How to know it?
By checking at the top “Solo Mission”.
Otherwise it would be a “Faction Mission”, where one leader is doing everything and you just follow.
Since you can’t divide an Alien Core by 4 players, I decided for a Solo Mission.

No big drama overall here:

  1. you go with 4 players in the missiong
  2. everyone has the mission active
  3. everyone toggles the lever on/off as often as everyone gets a green checkmark.

Since you have no cooldown, just do the Alien asylum missing again in few hours.

Overall: nothing I can help here mate. Just learning by doing.

Ah… after rethinking:
it can also be possible that some players were in the final room at the same time?
The Stargate you used to go back to ECC?

It’s very important to go in the motion sensor one by one as I explained to @Firebeard already.

Ive been in the mission with Tifa, Furious Hellfire and Firebeard and I am the only one who got the core. But I have only triggered one lever by myself, so this cant be the point.

The guy (Grimmtex) who did get the Core from our group didnt either trigger the lever all by himself, but he got the core. That means: he didnt need to do that. He just finished the mission.

And Hellfire didnt trigger any of the levers yesterday and got the core.

This is was happened: the mission happens in stages complete alien asylem in 30min (sensor above return gate)>return to ecc (sensor above ecc portal on ecc side) issue is that the mission complete stage did not activate for Tifa. so when he returned, it was still looking for him to complete asylem, (get to the return portal sensor) which means that the mission bugged and only allowed to complete for Grimm, not Tifa.

No you are right. I mixed this up with some other mission.

The correct answer to this problem here is the motion sensor. See my answer:

This information should be provided somehow before starting the mission…for newer players this mission is really hard. Not getting the reward is a punch in the face^^

the other issue is that the topgun mission is bugged, it says is for 4 people but only 2 of the ships there can be use of the 4, the other 2 are broken, missing critical parts like fuel tanks. and it wipes inventory, so 2 people will always loose their inventories, the one core we did get, grimm lost in that bug too.

Tell this Eleon :wink:
But since I explained it to @Firebeard and global chat once in very detail, I hope you could learn from him as a big faction :slight_smile:
The Alien Aslyum mission is one of the oldest Mission.
I try to update it to recent new techniques if possible to make it as easy as possible.

Just don’t think it’s a punch. Actually, just grab some guys in the next run again and then you know how to do it :slight_smile: Nothing is lost so to speak.

I’ll try to update it tomorrow. Today was a very exhausting day for me.

Separate ticket but yes, since the Space Drones are bugged as fookie, I will rework the whole thing or remove it temporary.

Too much to do for one guy alone.

Bugged drones would not be half as bad as getting your whole inventory wiped on leaving the mission without death (which made me loose my alien core and many other great loot).

Btw Rex, i didnt mean to make the mission easier. We wanted the hard one. But hard work deserves a good payout. And you are right, we didnt loose much, just a whole week to wait before retry.

I hear you. See above.

That is wrong. The Stargate Mission regenerate every few hours, 3600 seconds to be correct.
Since your friend did not complete it yet, the PDA cooldown timer of 1 week is not active yet.

Please reread my posts above… do it again soon and all is good.

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