NPC packages are still not working

Still happening. Bank works now but the NPC traders still do not. They still give me that error that I can not buy any more packages for the day.

hm am I stupid or did I miss something…
The amount was never reset…no line of code doing it. :joy: did no one notice it?
Or did I maybe break it on the way.
Well never the less. Thank you for letting me know. Fixed it for 6.0.

It worked for sure at the start of 5.0 :smiley:
You get one package for free for finding it.

Thanks. Well I did notice that nobody was buying NPC packages anymore (my cashflow was getting low which means no sales) :P. But thanks glad it’s fixed and thanks for the package.

Update: I didn’t find the package nor can I use any more do:re but that’s ok. I find it more important to be able to trade again with NPC’s because that is 95% of my income.

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