NPC Purchase

Hi @RexXxuS,

Wasn’t sure where to post this so figure here was as good as anywhere. I purchased the NPC through the donation page and would like to start talking about the details (location and package).

First, I would like to say that I understand you are very busy with the upcoming rule change on Monday, so I understand completely if you need to handle that first. Besides, the location isn’t 100% complete.

I would like to have my NPC at my base “Wayne Tower” located on Elemental Trading Outpost. I figure this location is great because there seems to be a lot of traders operating in this area and I look to have a trader focused package.

I would like the package to have a trader supply theme. In that regard here is the list of what I would like to have in it.

100 Blue Cyrstals
20 large med kits
20 rations

I figure this is the perfect trader package as it gives you plenty of fuel for autominer and flying around the universe as well as helping keep you fed and healthy.

I am definitely open to suggestions from anybody about possible modifications.


Hey @SimplePiMan thank you very much for your support! :slight_smile:

Did you mean Elemental Marketplace? Or Elemental Marketplace Outpost?

The package sounds nice. You managed a price out yet?

Basically what is missing is: What name should the NPC Trader have? What welcome and goodbye message should he output if someone visit / leave and please build a nice shop for it so I can place the zone there :slight_smile:

Thanks again.


no, thank you for the awesome server and all your hard work, this is the least I can do :-).

I meant Elemental Marketplace Outpost (the planet).

I already have a base built there for hosting. The base name is “Wayne Tower” (It is a big skyscraper with landing pad and front office). Copying data from my structure screen:

Name of Structure Structure ID Structure Type On Playfield O/W position Height position N/S position Device Count Block Count Deleted
Wayne Tower 8121145 BA Elemental Marketplace Outpost -3513 48 -714 449 3939 false

I did some market research and here is the final design of the package:
200 Blue Crystal
20 Rations
20 Large Med Kits

Price is 50,000 credits

Name: Wayne Trading Outfitter

Arrival Message: Welcome to Wayne Technology, make yourself at home and enjoy your stay.
Leave Message: Thank your for visiting Wayne Technology. We hope you visit again.

Only question I have is, can I have the shop set to faction? I am using this as my main base but figured I would run my shop out of it (Thus the reason there are no doors, so people can come inside while shopping). If that is a problem, let me know and I’ll build a separate structure next to it for the shop.



Alright, sounds good.
I going a bit out soon but will prepare everything after it today.

I recommend for these situations following:
Set your shop / BA to faction and make a private room only you can go in there. In that room spawn a starter SV vessel for example, make it bigger than 10 blocks and set it to public with the same name like your Shop Name. So everyone can see it on the map everywhere but only you can reach it, so no one can destroy / dismantle it.

great idea on the SV in private area. I will do that now.

ok, SV is in place

Alright - done :slight_smile:
Have fun