NPC Trader not working?

exploring the new universe and I ventured into the elemental market. decided to have a little walk about and decided to buy me a little present from one or to off the traders, but the ones i wanted to buy from i couldnt.
The CV Shop and Vortex Industries never welcomed me and when i tried tn buy it said i wasnt in a npc trader zone :frowning: the rest of them did but i either didnt want what they had or couldnt afford it, have these ones went live yet ? thay appear as if they have.

I have a feeling this has to do with retards ramming into the buildings and moving the zones…

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Wasn’t me this time.
But I often ram (aka controlled crash landing) into stations/planets/etc. to save fuel. I move from warp --> trade station without F-thrusters and then brake using the trade station, then rotate and warp out again. Especially for the 4.0 ships that were really huge sometimes this would save lots and lots of fuel packs over time.
When you have 20-30 T2 fuel blocks and only up to 60 min flight time IN SPACE you try to save fuel anywhere you can. Also partitioning thrusters into separate gears (not the crappy groups you get from the default button) you can save lots of fuel. And of course by hitting the speed limit and by disabling the other thrusters on a planets you can save over 80% fuel consumption. Not sure if this is considered an exploit though. But then again, ship physics in this game = broken left and right as I proved last patch. I believe that there are even no physics involved. Everything feels so artificial. And this in return leads to bugs, and that in turn leads to exploits.

There are more tips for saving fuel but one of them basically means crashing into trade stations yes. But trade stations are immovable right so not a problem.

If I catch people ramming to the bank or marketplace I destroy the ship instant. It is even in the rules stated.