NSA attacked cv using sv exploit

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What happened:

  1. I destroyed NSA ship and killed the pilot.
    Add to kill counter for killing thoradius2004.
  2. I flew around for about 5mins and returned back to see if they need help.When I spoted player i killed I instantly disabled the weapons. I offered help to him but instead he landed to my cv with his small sv and prevent me from moving. At this moment they brought a cv which opens fire on my ship. I am unable to move and i cant do a shit.
  3. It was intentional as second ship attacked as soon as small sv disabled me.
  4. My cv is now parked in pve space, i did not repair it so u can see how much damage was done.

I added a screenshot from the place and log from the chat.

There is a rule about it:
7.2 Do not dock with your SV to enemy CVs. Due bad game mechanics this will instantly stop a ship and the enemy can’t do anything about that. It’s worse than ramming.


[User with issue:[/color]
=> BeAsT

=> EU

Time (cb:time):
=> 20:19

=> Sathon system

Structure Name(s):
=> Eagle c5

Structure ID(s):
=> 26630021

How can we help you now:
=> Apply appropriate punishment

can u pm me plz using discord, or wait for rexxx / jasch :wink: , yeh rexxx / jasch need to look more into this…


The whole NSA faction is new to HWS.
So I warned them + set guilty as a first step (as far as I can see thoradius was the guy who pinned you down).

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