NwO Faction discussion

I’d like to report HBH for not following faction rules - they shot down Bosnai for mining the same meteor as them, and then was rude to both Bos and I in chat.

I get you don’t want to share meteors with people, but form a ‘Bounty Hunter’ faction and then behave like pirates.

Nova, your faction is in the lawless category. Our faction can kill you however many times we want to as long as you continue running at our base with an empty inventory, we can also kill your faction on sight. My advise to you is to join one of these factions to prevent us from killing you on sight, Alliance, Trader, Bounty Hunter. Oh, by the way? Thanks for testing our base defense by dropping a fugly cube on it.

Nova’s faction is NwO (New World Order) and he for some reason thinks that his faction falls into one of the story factions.

You can’t just spawn kill people over and over just b/c they are lawless. While they are near your base sure. Maybe even to check if they still have loot but there is no excuse in the rules to chase someone litterally 1/2 way around the planet killing them over and over while they are on foot with nothing on them. And if you say I was attacking the base empty handed I have about 30 screenshots to prove it. For Example. This is me… nowhere near the base. Already been killed about 20 times or more. Hiding in a little pocket of water being shot at yet again. I died many more times after this before their blood lust was fulfilled.

. I would further point out that much of the “reputation” my faction has for spawn killing was made up by current members of HBH and never proven with screenshots or logs of any kind. So now based on the reputation they manufactured they feel justified to grief anyone who isn’t allied with them.

I wanted to make sure you were dead. Lol. No hard feelings?

Oh also I wasn’t flying flounder.

I have moved this to a new topic since it’s not relevant to the IFF Faction discussion. From what I understand of this issue, Nova acknowledged he was wrong in his understanding of lawless factions, and left the HbH base (which he was repeatedly suidiciding in). I should note that repeated camping of any faction is not permitted, you can kill someone if they keep suiciding your base, but you need to give them opportunity to actually leave the base (in some cases it will take multiple respawns to do so).

We did give him multiple chances to respawn. We didn’t tell him to continue running at the base and draining our ammo and attempting to make our own turrets hit parked CV’s and the base.

We also didn’t tell him to buy explosives off the market and place them on parked SV’s and the base itself.

Remember when you guys followed me after I left my base? I was collecting oranges and trying to make food and whoever was flying that bird ship killed me 3 or 4 times?

What did you say - No oranges for you? And you were destroying the trees so I couldn’t eat?

And then later on there was more spawn killing, when I was trying to build a base away from you guys.

Long story short, neither one of us were innocent in this situation.