O2/H2/H2O Generators disappeared

time approx between(GMT): 07.09.17 23:00 08.09.17 11:00
place: Freelancer planet
Subject: I build small base(name:BBB,id:16733049) on water and placed inside 20 - H2 generators, 1 - H2 generator, 1 - water generator.
i refueled them, and closed the game. now i enter the game and they all disappeared. other structures/ships are ok.
Question: what happened? they wiped or this is a bug?

Terrain resets Monday and Friday. When this happens all terrain placeables are removed. You have to pick them up before then. This also includes autominers.

Always be sure to check the in game map information. Also keep up to date with all news announcements, PDA, guide, commands, and discord. Check often.

Also remember that all built structures in starter zones will wipe in 7 days if you don’t leave the starter with it. That’s 7 days from when it was built. Use cb:time in faction chat to view server time, and cb:wipe in faction chat for personal wipe times in starter.

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oh thnks. didnt know that surface wipe also include generators.

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