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I am the main Admin for Miketanics Reforged Eden Sever. With Reforged Eden Vermillion has added a new type of fuel for the OAM but EAH will not accept it as a fuel type. The Fuel is based off of drill charges but a more complex recipe. So I am just wondering how EAH classifies fuel for the OAM. Do I need to add the recipe to a particular ecf? or will it only accept a vanilla fuel?

This is what I have under templates.ecf

#Mining Charges are for server owners to activate for use with OAM and other digital autominers instead of using Drill Charges.
{ +Template Name: MiningCharge
OutputCount: 1 #A1
CraftTime: 10
Target: “LargeC,AdvC”
{ Child Inputs
SteelPlate: 1
EnergyCellLarge: 1
Nanotubes: 1
Electronics: 1

This is what I have under itemsconfig.ecf

#Dedicated Charges for OAM and other server-side automining mods
{ +Item Id: 199, Name: MiningCharge, Ref: ComponentsTemplate
StackSize: 250
CustomIcon: FillerCharge
ShowUser: NoButCSV
Mass: 25, type: float, display: true, formatter: Kilogram
Volume: 10, type: float, display: true, formatter: Liter
Info: A sophisticated energy charge designed for use in automated mining operations used to destabilize and then attract loose ores., display: true
MarketPrice: 10000

If it makes a difference we rent a dedicated server so we use the full version of EAH.


you mean the autominer from EAH or the ingame autominer?

If you use EAH lite and the EAH autominer, the problem might be that you use a new item which is not known to EAH. EAH full reads the ecf files, but EAH lite can’t since they are on the server and not downloaded. There would be one manual solution to that:

  • Download the EAH lite again. In the ZIP in the config folder is a “Item.xml”.
  • Edit this one before you start EAH and enter the new item.
  • Just copy an existing line and replace the text in it. Here an example:
  • <Item ID=“2266” Name=“MY NEW OAM FUEL” DevName=“MYOAMFUEL” Trade_Name="" Flag=“4000” Max=“4000” MaxAmmo=“0” Aktiv=“true” ItemType=“14” Main_ID=“0” Time=“0” Max_Default=“4000” MaxAmmo_Default=“0” />
  • And then replace the Item ID Name and DevName (call it whatever you want). Everything else you can leave as it is.
  • Then copy that item.xml in your config folder and start EAH. Now in the item list you should see that item and EAH should accept it as fuel item.

Just as a hint: You would have to add that line each time you update EAH lite. So better save it for later.

About the ingame miner I can’t say much.

Its EAH Full that we use. I do not see any file under \DedicatedServer\EmpyrionAdminHelper called item.xml. I have changed the ID number for the OAM in EAH but when any player attempts to use the new fuel it doesn’t get accepted when using the am:fuel command.

ah ok.

Can you check under Features-Items if the item is really there:

Best search for the name. The ID in the ecf is not always the real ingame item id. Maybe thats the issue. Also make sure its marked as active

If the item is not at all in the items list then its rather a problem to find the ecf file for eah. Then we have to look at the settings rather.

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Ah okay, I think that was my problem. I was using the ID number that was placed in the ecf file. So I think It should work now as the ID number under Items was totally different.

Thanks very very very much for you very fast assistance!

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