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What happened:
=> Hey Rex, the OAM has some issues with the auto miner core refiller on the HWS site and with the command ingame. basically i wanted to fill each of my 12 resources with fuel and every time i selected a resources and filled it with 4 auto cores, it opened an option in game to put the auto cores, so i would grab 4 cores and drop them in the window. then i would continue with the next resource. When i refreshed the page on the website it showed that i only filled Iron, Copper, Cobalt and Magnesium. the rest are showing 0 filled. So then I tried the command ingame, and same thing happend, i focused on gold typed in am:fuel:gold:4, and same thing happened, it filled just the 4 resources.

Player(s) with issue:
=> Igo Solo

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> Approximately 12:33pm my time, or 6pm server time

=> ECC

Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:
=> Could you let me know if i did something wrong, and if its a bug, could you move my cores so that their even between reach resource, take in mind there will be an extra 4 cores, so just fill the rare resources.


@Jascha can explain this in detail, but overall Alpha 9 is the issue.
We had to change the Alien Sacrifice and removed some stuff like eb:cointocr as it worked before…

Once it’s fixed from Eleon, it will be done as before.


sorry due to a game bug I had to disable the manual am fuel filling. Meaning: At the moment you can only fill all and its done automatically.
I’m very sorry, but the game does not give us any option right now.
If the devs will not fix the issue I might think about another workaround to get this manual option in another way.

Thanks guys for your help, and its understandable.

I went ahead and used the fill all command and it has worked,

Thanks again

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Quick update:

  • Hotfix was done by the devs. I’ll test it the next days, then we can activate the old functions again.
    Maybe ~ Wednesday.

Thanks for your patience

thats awesome news, that for letting me know

could we get info when its fixed. I like that feature


I let you know as soon as I know more. But its depended on the release of the next Empyrion Hotfix

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