OCD failed


Hi recently i buy about 1K of rocket launcher homming missile (ammo) and put in ocd but… the ammunition just dissapear, i put another things in OCD and apppear after that but the rocket missile still missing.



sorry to hear that. Please fill out the support template so that we have all the data needed to check this issue.


Send Bug reports HERE

Dude… i cant show this error with a screenshot, and others data im saying you…
Maybe if i record in a video… but…


im trying again and again and again and always the missile dissapear. If i send another thing like… a block of steel for example, this item appear in ocd perfectly but, the homming missile ALWAYS disapear forever


For example: I need at least your Server, the Time and also what kind of commands you used. OCD has several commands. Therefore the Support Ticket, that already points you to most of the data to fill in.

And please don’t create even other tickets without the right info.

So most important:

  • What Server
  • What time
  • Which command?
    Do you put it in the window that appears (via OCD:Put) or do you send it manually with OCD:PUT:xyz?

“Does not work” alone never helps :frowning: . You need to give details and Information to find the error.

Thanks a lot


Let keep it please all in this topic, so we have not multiple ones.

I’ll check it in a minute. Thanks for the infos.


I checked the logs and see no problem:

28.08.2018 12:46:09.761 I The following items were received from player ‘Enaun’ (8942378) via ocd-put
28.08.2018 12:46:09.761 I - Item: Rifle Kit(2304); Amount: 10
28.08.2018 12:46:09.762 I - Item: Sniper Kit(2305); Amount: 1
28.08.2018 12:46:09.762 I - Item: Heavy Weapon Kit(2307); Amount: 2
28.08.2018 12:46:09.762 I - Item: Pistol Kit(2303); Amount: 1

|28.08.2018|12:46:09.762|I|Player 8942378 is requested to take these items out|
|28.08.2018|12:46:09.763|I|- Item: Rifle Kit(2304); Amount: 10|
|28.08.2018|12:46:09.763|I|- Item: Sniper Kit(2305); Amount: 1|
|28.08.2018|12:46:09.763|I|- Item: Heavy Weapon Kit(2307); Amount: 2|
|28.08.2018|12:46:09.763|I|- Item: Pistol Kit(2303); Amount: 1|

So you send the Items, and the System send them back, telling you to take them out of the window again (“Please take these items out since your OCD has no more space or these items are not allowed”).
If you Ignore that window or click ok again those Items are lost.

Reason: Weapons are not allowed in OCD until Level 6 (see the Guide)


Jascha… i put 1 MISSILE ammunition in OCD with comand ocd:put right NOW. Check it please…
I dont remember the hour exactly when i lost the stacks of missiles but the problem still here… I CANT put any missile right now in OCD.

Ammo its permited in OCD level 5 because a i have plasma ammo and pulse rifle ammo in this moment

NOW is 12:10 GTM (Greenwich) check please


Why is you OCD then full of it?
Could it be that you got confused with the names? 120mm is the old name which is shown on the website.



It is the name and icon of SV homming missile. I say that hand rocket launcher missile.
I know is not the same because i only send 500 to OCD aprox

29.08.2018 13:08:51.931 I The following items were received from player ‘Enaun’ (8942378) via ocd-put
29.08.2018 13:08:51.932 I - Item: 120mm H-MSL(2113); Amount: 1


Its all good. Its the old picture and the old name.
We will have to change that, but we speak about the same.
Just get slot 48 out of your OCD and you will see.

I hope I did not misunderstand something else.


you right Jascha thanks…

by the way… it should be any advice in OCD web site men… i click to check that you told me but the game is not still charging and i lose all stack…


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