Orbital Cargo Drone (OCD)



The Orbital Cargo Drone is an HWS exclusive feature and it is arguably the most useful tool available to players. With the Orbital Cargo Drone (OCD), a player can store their assets (some restrictions apply) in a virtual Cargo Box accessible via the HWS Connect interface or ingame commands. Items stored here are safe and they persist through wipes ! (*see note at bottom of this section)

There are seven upgrade levels determining the cost of each level, the slot count, and the number of items that can be stored in each slot. The OCD should be considered a safe deposit vault rather than a magical backpack. As such, it may only be accessed in PVE Playfields (other than starter) using specific commands in faction chat or via the HWS Connect Tool. Players with OCD Level 7 have limited access to their OCD on PvP playfields. Players can upgrade their OCD using ingame credits or via supporting us. See details below.

Orbital Cargo Drone Commands

ocd:? Provides you with useful information regarding Orbital Cargo Drone.
ocd:info Shows you the current level and slot count of your Orbital Cargo Drone.
ocd:upgrade Allows you to purchase and upgrade OCD. To upgrade a current OCD, simply type the buy command for it again and make sure you have enough credits in your bank account to buy it.
ocd:get:SLOT*AMOUNT Gets a certain amount of that item from the OCD slot.
ocd:get:SLOTAMOUNT#SLOTAMOUNT#SLOT*AMOUNT … or ocd:get:SLOT#SLOT#SLOT … Gets multiple items / or whole slots out from your OCD at once. Make sure to have enough room in your inventory. (You can combine them)
ocd:get:SLOT Gets all items from that OCD slot.
ocd:get:all Gets all items from the OCD if possible.
ocd:trash:SLOT*AMOUNT Trash a certain amount of that item from the OCD slot.
ocd:trash:SLOTAMOUNT#SLOTAMOUNT#SLOT*AMOUNT … or ocd:get:SLOT#SLOT#SLOT … Trash multiple items / or whole slots out from your OCD at once. (You can combine them)
ocd:trash:SLOT Trash all items from that OCD slot.
ocd:put Opens a window to interact and put your items to the OCD.
ocd:put:HAND-SLOT Puts all items from your Hand-Slot (1-9) into a free OCD slot. Example: ocd:put:1 for the first slot of your hand.
ocd:put:all Puts all items from your Backpack into free OCD slots. Make sure to wait at least 30 seconds after you placed items into your hand slots!
ocd:sort In case you have some unused slots you can clear the empty space between these slots with this command.
ocd:swap:ID-from:ID-to Swaps two slots in your OCD with the given IDs.

Visit https://cmd.hws.global or check your PDA > Guide > HWS Commands or type ocd:? for all available commands

Patrons have more OCD features and commands!

Orbital Cargo Drone Level Prices

  • OCD Level 1 - free
  • OCD Level 2 - 125,000 Credits
  • OCD Level 3 - 300,000 Credits (Upgrade to Level 3 with supporting us)
  • OCD Level 4 - 600,000 Credits
  • OCD Level 5 - 7,000,000 Credits (Upgrade to Level 5 with supporting us)
  • OCD Level 6 - 70,000,000 Credits
  • OCD Level 7 - 700,000,000 Credits

Orbital Cargo Drone Slot Count

Number of Slots increase with the level of the OCD:

  • OCD Level 1 - 7 Slots
  • OCD Level 2 - 15 Slots
  • OCD Level 3 - 30 Slots (Up-gradable with supporting us)
  • OCD Level 4 - 70 Slots
  • OCD Level 5 - 100 Slots (Up-gradable with supporting us)
  • OCD Level 6 - 130 Slots
  • OCD level 7 - 170 Slots

Orbital Cargo Drone Slot Containment Limit

Each slot is limited to a quantity of items which increases with each level:

  • OCD Level 1 - 100 of one item
  • OCD Level 2 - 500 of one item
  • OCD Level 3 - 1,000 of one item (Up-gradable with supporting us)
  • OCD Level 4 - 7,000 of one item
  • OCD Level 5 - 50,000 of one item (Up-gradable with supporting us)
  • OCD Level 6 - 60,000 of one item
  • OCD Level 7 - 70,000 of one item

Example: If there are 999 Fusion Cells your hand-slot 1 and 500 Fusion Cells in your hand-slot 2 you can type ocd:put:1, wait 10 seconds, and then type ocd:put:2. Within a minute or so, you can check online on HWS Connect to confirm that you now have 1499 Fusion Cells in OCD Slot 1 - if it was empty when you entered the command. The items are then available for withdrawal when the player chooses to GET them.

Hint: You may also type ocd:put in faction chat to pull up a deposit interface or use HWS Connect for easy access

Orbital Cargo Drone Origin Cooldowns

(OCD Level 7 Only while in PVP)

Each Origin has different cooldowns for GETting and PUTting items:

Alliance: GET: 1 hr / PUT: 10m
Freelancer: GET: 1 hr / PUT: 20m
Lawless: GET: 1 hr / PUT: 30m

Orbital Cargo Drone - Advanced Features

OCD’s that have been upgraded to Level 5 or higher receive additional benefits and the advantages gained are well worth the investment, but they are not cheap by any means!

  • OCD level 5 (and above) - Can Store Alien Cores
  • OCD level 6 (and above) - Can Store Gold Ingots / Gold Ores / Gold Coins, Moneycards / Epic Weapons / Auto Miner Cores / Armor Boosts and Weapon Kits!
  • OCD level 7 - Access to OCD in PvP playfields (with the given cooldowns listed above)

Note: At the owner/admin’s discretion, some items may be removed or reduced between seasonal wipes in the interest of balancing gameplay or for other reasons.

Note: You can request a complete OCD wipe to start fresh again, without your old items, which might spoil your gameplay. Just contact @Jascha or @RexXxuS

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