OCD Feedback

K, so I know it’s only been out for a little bit… But here goes, as I think there might be a way for factions to pull together an have another level of teamwork.

At Static Headquarters, our base is setup so that any member of the faction can pull resources/materials from a pooled supply while keeping private supplies separate as well. With the OCD, we were talking about plans on post wipe, what we should do with the pooled resources. Should we split them up equally or pool them all into 1 or 2 people’s OCD, etc. Here’s a suggestion:

Is it possible to have an OCD tied to a faction? There would be the logistics to donating and retrieving the items, but an admin can place alien containers, right? If it’s possible to link a Yellow alien container to a donate section (place items to be donated, then use ocd:fac:donate to take the items from Yellow alien container. Then use say a RED alien container for retrieving with ocd:fac:get (#amount;Item). Also, this could be a bandaid solution for the “I dont trust anyone” in the way of setting a permission that only admin or owner rank in faction can withdraw from the faction’s ocd storage.

I would recommend that this only be available to a faction’s headquarters on a pve playfield. And to make it easier on the admins (sadly I dont see any way to place these containers except by manually placing from an admin), the faction owner needs to paint a block yellow, with an icon on it and submit a screenshot of it for the yellow container, and same with red for the red container.

As it would be a faction OCD, I would also reccommend that everyone starts at lvl 1, and make the cost 10x more than a personal OCD.

If it would be too much work to this for every faction, would it be possible to make a station that can do this in say, elemental bank? To make coming and using the bank a more enticing thing, to be able to store bulk items without having to relog?

I like this idea, even though I’m the only one in my faction. Why do you need a “base” for it though, why can’t it just be done with commands like we use at the moment, taking straight from your inventory?

A faction OCD would be amazing (if only admin rank can access it)

hm but what about keeping the items after wipe… factions gone, people leave and you… dont have anything after all.
Just for the wipe-safe purpose we cant do it. But I also like the idea. We had this in mind also for autominer in first place, also as a divice, etc… but we are not able to do that. But devs are also liking that idea… so will see…

I agree with this actually, faction-based OCD would be amazing.

I honestly hadnt thought of this in regards to a wipe, but if it’s not designed fur that, just a tool for a shared storage and opportunity to utilize something literally every mmo gamer demands (guild bank), perhaps this would be another feature eleon adds to the game after hws does it first, lol