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What happened:
=> Heh just saw this lolz ! So I come back after 6 months or so due to Real Life and find my Level 3 OCD GONE and everything in it GONE; so much for OCD between wipes; any explanation

Play for a little while and then check connect and make sure you have the correct server selected, it happens every wipe :slight_smile:


Heh…so make me feel like a complete idiot thats ok ! Just kidding ! I do tend to go overboard and dont understand everything all the time; so you are saying I need to play on the new season for awhile then the character on the website will renew? I find that kind of odd how you all have that restoration in place ! If it works I guess thats great I just felt really bad and out of the loop as to the goings on of OCD reactivation…I do apologize; I am abit old here getting on in age and want to get back into Empyrion just dont know how yet; I will give it a try and message back. Its just too bad I went to the website first and have my jaw drop to the ground ! Thanks for the the reply ! Harbingerman PS I will also remember to ID my ships and practice going to them this time !

Welcome back. No worries, it will be all there. Its just to lessen the load. The data is saved not on our website but is safe on the server.
Maybe @RexXxuS / @Hayawen we could make a note (or make it more visible), that if a player was offline a long time his data will not refresh unless he logs into the game.

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All is good on the website everything is there ! Hope I wasnt inconveniencing.


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