OCD items missing

Missing several slots in OCD of ore, gold, coins. Can you help? I don’t have a screen shot of my last OCD numbers.

I never experienced this myself. But it’s really gonna suck when it does. The OCD is supposed to be the one safe storage place and players store a lot of valuable stuff in it. I’m screenshotting my OCD now every day.

Would be nice if the OCD also would have logs, and the bank too. But I know, Jasscha is away and when he gets back he will be busy but perhaps some day in the future.

Kinda ruins the enthusiasm to play when your stuff is disappearing randomly.

I lost items again and from the same slot, which is 24,25,26, and 40.

Speaken neutrally: everyone can say this - especially since it is very rare.
So can you please provide more information - where you used the command. When. What you had / expected in that slot. What you wanted to put, etc.

Otherwise Jascha won’t be able to look into it.

i think,maybe i pulled out for example, 10 stacks of fusion fuel,and the OCD was bugged at the time,so it may think it gave it to me,and didnt,thats my best bet

I just also lost several stacks of items… I used ocd:put:all but ~15 minutes later only a few items showed, some were missing. I waited a while longer, relogged to connect and still those items are missing.

It indeed seems that sometimes the OCD just loses items. This is bad.

Yesterday i DONT type any ocd:get commands!!! Only PUT commands. go sleep. Today morning i lost from OCD: full 5 slots of OCD. and some slot lost some items.


35 - large medkit
7 - cores
176 - small O2 bottle
15 - T2 drill
214 - Drill charges
2 - FluxCoil
87 - Advanced CPU
50! - emergency rations
6 - T3 Autominers
250 - 150 mm missile CV ammo

Find this error please! I lost not expensive item but i am worry about very expensive )

A.F.T I’m very very sorry! I found the bug and it was a very stupid mistake of me :(. And it affected you a lot since your OCD was the first he found.
Please give me a price (Items, whatsoever) that I can repay you for your loss!

The bug is fixed now.

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Hallelujah! 35 - large medkit and 50 - emergency rations 90 - energy pills. Other lost items is trivial. And thk for the bug find!

Done. Sorry again.

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I tell the truth! Now i happy )

Does this mean that the put command is also fixed now? I just tested storing a single RCS T2 and a thruster and now it works (they not longer disappear into the void). So at least so far so good.

To the best of my memory and what I wrote down here is what I think I had lost, these are best guesses from the amount of stacks I had processed in generators about a week or 2 ago. This is probably not all, but the most important I lost:

4500 - Large Prom Packs
9990 - Mag Powder
350 - Drill charges
4995 - Gold Ore
2500 - Gold Coins

done. thx for letting me know

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