OCD items(that wasnt fixed)

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I wasnt thinking and Sorted OCD earlier today, so the items that was mismatched are still the wrong items. the only two things i care about is the:

CVSolarPanelSlope2(2212) was my Aux cores. 16 in total

Eden_PlamaTurretAugmented(2248) Was Basic hydroponics bays. 27 in total

TurretSVPulselaserT2(2171) was a SV Quantum CPU

there are some other stuff that i dont recognize but to hell with the rest.

sry for the mess.
Can you please recheck your OCD if all is good now?
If not, can you please create the same table overview like here?


hehe shit happens. your responding alot quicker than i would have thought!
The 27 hydroponics bays says “House Xenu (Poster)(2248)” when i over over them.

Besides that i think all looks good

ok done.

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