OCD level logic

The logic behind leveling OCD and how much you can store is pretty irradic. In the beginning the cost is low and the benefits high, but around lev 5/6 it totally flips the other way. Cost go up drastically with little extra gain. but across the board I fail to see some of the logic behind how things go up slow or fast at certain levels. E.g. stack size
LVL Cost Stack size #slots
1 free 1K 7
2 200K 2K 15
3 300K 3K 30
4 2.5M 15K 70
5 7M 50K 100
6 70M 60K 130
7 700M 70K 170
8 800M 80K 200
9 and 10 are similar upgrades as 8.

And there is other things as well. Centrain benefits… E.g. the logic behind epic equipment looks good.

But I think a bit of smoothing on the sizing and upgrade cost (like you did with bank levels) would help…

Regards, Aernoud

You have to thank some players who were not ready for changes yet.

It feels bad for myself to see that inconsistent “irradic” curve but for now, it’s what it is.
The levels 1-4 are clean 10/100/1000% logic steps.
I had to break with 5,6,7 due backwards compatibility - for now.

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I would just change it. It is an Alpha game. And you improve along the way. And that is not always 100% backwards compatible.

Give enough warning time and let ppl keep slots/size for 1 more season or so.

The people impacted have enough stuff and credits to get there things in order. Some will moan, but that seems to be unavoidable…

Like Nike said : Just do it :slight_smile:

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