OCD / Pls help!

Hello, My friend(nick: nakostsr) had an OCD 5 lvl, and today it was the first one with what it can be connected ???

Please explain?
Which server did he have Lvl 5 OCD on? Are you saying now he is seeing it as lvl 1? is it appearing to be lvl 1 on the website? or in game? Time stamps? Screenshots?


background story:
your friend and other from your faction abused the Auto Miner bug-day and created millions of stuff.
I reset both OCDs to level 1 again since the money you had for the upgrade was caused by infinite auto miner gold ore exploit.
The other guy was even more creative and had ocd level 6 + 137 million credits still in the bank.

I hope you learned your lesson to not abuse the game mechanics anymore.


Okay, and the resources that are stored there can be collected?

Yes, since, everything what looks legit is still in there and can be used with the “ocd:get:” command