OCD:PUT container

Hi there,

I see managing “OCD:PUT” kinda robust drag and drop task.

What do you think about using a dedicated container controller for that purpose?
It can be 200m range structure, with “OCD:PUT” container name and a command like this:


where 123456 is a structure ID.

Of course UI buttons in HWS Connect is very welcome here, but it will be a bit tricky for whole structures list.

I’m not quite sure I understand what you’re suggesting.

the ocd:put command is a box that pops up in game as long as you’re within an OCD zone. you can use the arrows at the top to Auto dump everything to and from your backpack. sometimes the buttons are invisible but float your mouse over the top corners of the put window and you will see them highlight.

I think he means that we could be able to put everything in a container, and then “press send” instead of having to move from connected toolbar manually to ocd window manually :+1:

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I don’t know exactly if it’s possible or not, but I’m pretty sure such a feature would result in major losses from WIFI.
Combining the API with the WIFI is rarely a good idea, and often fails and results in tickets.

When something gets sent with the ocd:put window, we have logs. But containers… while we technically have logs, they’re a lot harder to check.

So in general, in terms of potential losses, it would generally be harder to help with issues with this idea, and there would probably be more losses than with the current system.

i see now. yes the api has issues reading in game storage containers.

this would be a non-issue if the game devs could enable container selection drop down menu for the api like f4 does :frowning:

Well, as you understand it might be not related to WiFi.
There are two possible solutions:

  1. Use a linked container over WiFi (as it’s said, it tricky as from the API usage perspective, as I understood)
  2. Use “named” container for a certain structure.

As for #2, it might use a requirement that the target structure shall be within 200m, like it works for a ship movement.

The whole scenario would be like this:

  1. Choose a container for OCD communications and give it the name OCD or OCD:PUT (it might be working for ocd:get as well!).
  2. Retrieve structure ID from the structure list from HWS Connect (or maybe console) for usage in the command.
  3. Add your stuff to the target container.
  4. Execute the command ocd:put:12345678 (where the number from step #2 (you must be close to the structure within 200m).

So, yes, I don’t know which API shall be used, and will it work or won’t.

By the way, is this API public?

I guess it is… Found this one.

It doesn’t matter if the WIFI is on or off :slight_smile: If it’s available, people will use it, and that will result it major losses.
And the WIFI can’t be forcibly disabled by us; or even checked if it’s on. We have no control over it or logs if anything goes wrong.

You suggestion is fine, but WIFI makes it a bad idea to implement.

Yep, it is. Using the API, you just connect to your own server.

And the WIFI can’t be forcibly disabled by us; or even checked if it’s on. We have no control over it or logs if anything goes wrong.

As for solution 2) Wi-Fi is not required. HWS shall communicate with the structure directly.

Maybe one day it could be possible.

But Jascha was the modder for HWS, and without him there’s only Rex, who’s already a very busy man.

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to be fair, none of this is an issue at all on the hws + servers. just sayin…

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That’s not an issue, that’s about UX.
Off-top… Empyrion itself, is pretty outdated. Without RE it’s kinda an old game without significant development progress. I still do not understand why all items from a hot bar cannot be pushed to “cargo” place by a single click. There might be improvements regarding moving things one place to another. E.g. you can move the same type of things by a single click instead of moving each stack. In games, some actions you can spend 2 seconds, here you can spend half of a minute. I don’t like spending hours in moving things…
Whole HWS idea is just awesome!.. After 4y it’s got many good things in its development.
But UX in Empyrion just sucks…

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