OCD QoL suggestion

This may already be in the works, but it would be AWESOME if that within HWS connect we could tick checkboxes or something to get multiple slots from the web interface.

Rather than ocd:get:#50#51#52#53#54#55#56#57#58#59#60, I could just tick boxes and get it from the interface.

I am currently working (slow) on HWS Connect v5.
It will be a complete new experience with your suggestion, drag & drop OCD slot swapping, Dashboard configurations and much more…

At the moment I have to juggle the new HWS 9.X season (which will be huge) and HWS Connect v5. And some other serious things like a new SP Scenario for Eleon (Dawn of Galaxy 2) and real life changes…


Ocd slot swapping, my dream coming true. All i hope its not just patrons.

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