OCD Slot Empty

OCD Slot #9 missing. Was a few hundred T3 Autominers and the slot is completely empty. Was trying to get an idea if you are able to see what happened with them.

Thank you.


Just checking in to let you know it’s still a problem.

You can piggyback if you want, no need to delete. I’m content to know that there are other people with my problem.

Im not sure i think its more about me forgeting what i did with those generators, its long time ago and i found cores and probably all other items was there so i deleted it as simply…i’m not sure.

I also had probably some legacy items in there which are no more present in game like flattening tool, so who knows. Might be error, might be my memory.

I’m glad you found most of the stuff. Hopefully everything will turn up.

I think its simply like Empyrion works. Refined gold for whole morning, jumped to another system, spawned in SWP ship. Pressed F to exit, died in cold space with all gold coins and hundrets of pentax.

Respawned back in my ship with no clue where to look for my backpack, so its all lost. Feels bad :slight_smile:
Hope you will be more lucky!

I had talked to Rex about it and he mentioned getting in contact with @Jascha about the matter. Here’s to hoping.

Hope things turn around for you as well, random bugs can be disheartening.

I also believe to have lost lots of stuf in the OCD (not kidding) when I checked it in 6.0. But problem is: proving it (and knowing what you lost exactly). It may have bugged out earlier in 5.x for all I know. I don’t know… Or maybe my brain-memory is getting old.

I was like 0.o where are all my x or y items?
Why are my 30 slots not filled from factory–>OCD transfer from the upgrade? Did it work or not?
Also losing stuff when putting it into the OCD. OCD takes it from me but never puts it in the ‘OCD-database’…

I’m ‘okay’ with many bugs but once I can no longer trust the OCD, to me it becomes a problem. And proving+remembering it all is really hard/impossible :confused:
I don’t want to screenshot my OCD every day for proof and I don’t want to record every OCD:put command.

Worst thing is, you are never sure if it’s your own memory (which wouldn’t be the first time) or if the OCD bugged out on you (which wouldn’t be the first time either).

I’m hoping for very clear OCD logs at some point.

We have the backup from 5.5 and after the “fresh start” so we can allways see exactly wahat went wrong. Just did not had the time yet to check. But since it is secure, we will do it as soon as it calms down here. Should be the next couple days.

Thanks for your understanding.

I understand we must wait for the more serious things to cool down.

[quote=“Jascha, post:11, topic:5708”]
We have the backup from 5.5 and after the “fresh start” so we can allways see exactly wahat went wrong
[/quote] Yes that’s good. But the thing is, it could be just my memory (aside from the OCD eating items) and thus you may waste a lot of time checking everything while it’s all working just fine. Players have no logs themselves.
So it could be just you telling me eventualy “Squirt, you idiot you remembered wrong it’s all there thanks for wasting hours of my time!” and I’m like… “oh…”.

Also I don’t know if it really logs everything. I know there are backups but what about ocd:put commands not registering but still taking items? Those are probably not in the backups and even if they are it would require tons of manhours to manually calculate the differences. Doesn’t seem viable to me.


hm I understand. Due to the new faster method I could think about making a log that we could even give to the players if needed. I’ll write it down. Might not be such a big thing to do. Thanks for the suggestion :wink:

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About that in general an announcement will come today guys.

Done. Everyone got their autominers.
for 3 people i had to delete another item to have space.
That was a Flashligt, 2 multitools and for one guy a color pistol.

If you need them back so much, let me know ;).