OCD update | Multiple requests in one command

Hey @everyone,

@Jascha was so kind to implement an old request from you guys:
processing multiple ocd get actions with only one command.

With that change we will make the commands in general consistent everywhere soon




Gets multiple items / or whole slots out from your OCD at once. Make sure to have enough room in your inventory. (You can combine them)

So * is the check for AMOUNT in general
And # is the separator for multiple request



This would result in

  • you get 5 items of slot 3
  • you get the whole slot 1
  • you get 999 items from slot 11

Remember to have room in your inventory!

Have fun!

Your HWS Team


Interesting, and a welcomed addition to the game.

nice, thanks :slight_smile:

Another quality of life improvement, exclusive to HWS. Well done Jascha. Just one question - why use # when a comma would scan better ? Is it a chatbot limitation ?

ocd:get:4020,1,11999 looks a lot less frightening than

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we thought about it long time and decided for a best visual separator and not to similar to : or ;
Guess it is subjectively

Ohhhh yeahhhhh LOVE YOU GUYS!

Really goood!!!

HWS hopp hopp hurray!!

IT can be work for AUtoMiner?

Yes we could do that too for the Autominer.

When we can glade to see it? ^)

I just realized that this is going to be a big time saver in combination with macros. You can get several items quickly from your OCD with the push of a button. This turns out to be very useful when you want to craft items and need many components from your OCD, or if you want to refuel quickly before going into PvP (Pentaxid, Fusion Cells, Ammo and what else…). OCD Level 7 also is much more useful in PvP playfields now, because you can get several items at a time.
Great job!