Hey peeps - Need some help, two issues here really, one being I can not use my credits to upgrade my OCD at all, I have tried moving my cash around, 18 mill, from account to account. The server just throws the same stuff at me, I do not have enough credits. I ended getting myself a good old fine waiting to long at ECC with a hefty debt which I do seem able to pay of either!?

Need admin here …



by accident you removed the crucial information to get help.
Let us know as soon as you corrected the template again (the four blue crosses).


What happened: Upgraded OCD to Level 3 but still only shows 10 slots usable.
Player(s) with issue: Godwayz (Steam) In-game = Creativeworks
Server: HWS North America
Time (cb:time): na
Playfield: dantooine
Structure Name(s): n/a
Structure ID(s): n/a

How can we help you - I need to know how to pay of debt as the debt does not seem to be going out of my account, or maybe I need to move my cash again for that?

And need help buying OCD as I get a msg saying I need another 123,000 creds to upgrade, after having 18 million credits, tried paying for both back accounts.

New to all and rather confused. Could I not provide anything that might help> ?

I read that if the debt is not payed, my stuff goes to public. The wipe is coming, need my OCD



the Website only shows those slots that you used ones. So if you upgraded your OCD (which you did not do yet, still level 1) you have more slots even though they are not shown yet on the Website. Once you filled them, they stay on the website.

About debt: If you pay into your bank account (you have it currently all on your player) your debt will be automatically removed.

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