OCDs: A Suggestive Post

Carryover Storage: Home World Server

Homeworld Services

Orbital Cargo Depots

  1. Extra-Orbital Storage
  2. Intra-Orbital Storage
  3. Specialty Drones

High Orbit – Extra-Orbital Storage(EOS)

  1. Higher overall capacity – up to 280 units with 100,000 per unit
  2. More space per unit – up to 100,000 in each unit
  3. Item Classification Security Levels – Common/Uncommon/Rare/Unique(No Modifier/divide by 2/divide by 4/divide by 5)
  4. 100% secure
  5. Only accessible in secure space
  6. Retrieval Drones 100% guaranteed

Low Orbit – Intra-Orbital Storage(IOS)

  1. Lower overall capacity – up to 250 units with 14,000 per unit
  2. Less space per unit – up to 14,000 in each unit
  3. Item Classification Security Levels – Common/Uncommon/Rare/Unique(No Modifier/divide by 2/divide by 4/divide by 5)
  4. Not secure
  5. Accessible anywhere
  6. Retrieval Drones can be hacked
  7. Can be upgraded depending on funding level(can be added to each new season)
  8. Has its own constructor to rebuild lost/hacked/destroyed drones

Specialty Retrieval Drones

  1. Personal Inventory Cargo Drone(Inventory Drone)[Max of 1] – Cannot be detected/hacked. Not upgradeable. No access to EOS.
  2. Additional High Orbit Storage Drone(EOS Add-on)[Max of 10] – Cannot be hacked. Matches EOS Level of storage.
  3. Personal Inventory Intra-Orbital Link Drone(Link Drone)[Max of 1] – Your deliveries can be dropped into your Link Drone as long as you keep the inventory empty enough to receive it. Cannot be hacked.
  4. Direct Access Drone(DAD)[Max of 1] – A high capacity and high security drone that provides direct access from the EOS to the IOS with minimal risk. As long as the DAD is not overworked(using hyperdrive) it will remain 100% secure otherwise it’s stealth capabilities will be unusable for 24 hours. Can be used once an hour safely. Once every 15 minutes with hyperdrive(The majority of this time is security checks upon arrival at EOS then loading and unloading merchandise as travel is near instantaneous).

Black Market Services

Orbital Cargo Depots

Low Orbit – Intra-Orbital Storage(IOS)

  1. Lower overall capacity – up to 300 units with 2,500 per unit
  2. Less space per unit – up to 2,500 in each unit
  3. No Item Classification in these units
  4. Otherwise works the same as HWS IOS

Origin Services


  1. Origin Bonus: 10% discount on EOS levels
  2. One Time Purchase: 10% additional item quantity per unit in EOS
  3. Seasonal Upgrade:


  1. Origin Bonus: 20% increase in IOS Units
  2. One Time Purchase:
  3. Seasonal Upgrade(s): All Rares count as Uncommon; All Uncommons count as Common


  1. Origin Bonus: Item Classifications reduced one level(Uniques as Rare; Rares as Uncommon; Uncommons as Common)
  2. One Time Purchase:
  3. Seasonal Upgrade: Bribe customs, choose a rare to count as Common

Current Orbital Cargo Drone

OCD LeveL OCD Cost OCD Units OCD Quntity OCD Capacity Price per Item
1 free 7 100 700 $0.00
2 $125,000 15 500 7,500 $16.67
3 $300,000 30 1,000 30,000 $10.00
4 $600,000 70 7,000 490,000 $1.22
5 $7,000,000 100 50,000 5,000,000 $1.40
6 $70,000,000 130 60,000 7,800,000 $8.97
7 $700,000,000 170 70,000 11,900,000 $58.82

Extra-Orbital Storage Suggestion Table

EOS Level EOS Cost EOS Units EOS Quantity EOS Capacity Price per Standard Item
1 free 7 100 (ALN:110) 700 $0.00
2 $100,000 15 500 (ALN:550) 7,500 $13.33
3 $250,000 30 1,000 (ALN:1100) 30,000 $8.33
4 $500,000 65 5,000 (ALN:5500) 325,000 $1.54
5 $2,800,000 100 25,000 (ALN:27,500) 2,500,000 $1.12
6 $14,000,000 130 40,000 (ALN:44,000) 5,200,000 $2.69
7 $21,000,000 155 50,000 (ALN:55,000) 7,750,000 $2.71
8 $140,000,000 175 70,000 (ALN:77,000) 12,250,000(13,375,000) $11.43($10.47)
9 $700,000,000 210 90,000 (ALN:99,000) 18,900,000(20,900,000) $37.04($33.49)
10 $1,400,000,000 280 100,000 (ALN:110,000) 28,000,000(31,500,000) $50.00($44.44)

Homeworld Services Intra-Orbital Storage Suggestion Table

IOS Level IOS Cost IOS Units IOS Quantity IOS Capacity
1 incl w/ EOS 8 150 (FRL:180) 7,500 1,125,000 (FRL:1,350,000)
2 incl w/ EOS 9 200 (FRL:240) 10,000 2,000,000 (FRL:2,400,000)
3 incl w/ EOS 10 250 (FRL:300) 14,000 3,500,000 (FRL:4,200,000)

Black Market Intra-Orbital Storage Suggestion Table

IOS Level IOS Cost IOS Units IOS Quantity IOS Capacity Price per Standard Item
1 $5,000,000 250 (FRL:300) 1,000 250,000(FRL:300,000) $20.00(FRL:$16.67)
2 $10,000,000 250 (FRL:300) 2,000 500,000 (FRL:600,000) $20.00 (FRL:$16.67)
3 $20,000,000 300 (FRL:360) 2,500 750,000 (FRL:900,000) $26.67 (FRL:$22.22)

Specialty Drone Suggestion Table

SD Name Max Drones SD Cost SD Units SD Quantity SD Capacity Price per Standard Item
Inventory Drone 1 $2,500,000 1 100 100 $25,000
EOS Add-On 10 $10,000,000 1 Matches EOS Level N/A N/A
Link Drone 1 $15,000,000 2 100 200 $75,000
DAD 1 $25,000,000 1 250 250 $100,000

NOTICE: Please keep in mind this is all in the format of suggestions for changes since it seems that Rex wants to make some changes to the OCD at some point in the future. The suggestions are based off what I know of the current implementation of the OCD and what Rex himself has suggested he wants to do(hacking) in the future. Since I’m not yet familiar with the API there’s no guarantee everything suggested is doable.


Took up more space than I hoped.

Ok well there’s far too much too discuss on this singular topic to cover all at once and this post was already far too large as everyone can see. What it doesn’t cover:

  • Hacking - limitations, this was discussed elsewhere before but it really isn’t the point of this here
  • PvP time restrictions

The purpose: To try and brainstorm a way to create a system that keeps what people love while introducing changes that others have requested and allows Rex to start playing with the system he has already said he is going to make changes to. This way we get to have a say in how changes are going to happen rather than just getting to figure out how we are going to deal with them.

I really did try to keep it short, honest.

Here’s the actual fluff:
Homeworld Services

EDIT: I also meant to post a suggested transition where those who have OCD 7 get EOS 8 + refund of some credits and those with OCD 6 get EOS 7 + Black Market IOS 1 + refund of some credits, but you guys can see how long the post was already.

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I’m not going to lie and say that I understood everything here, I’ll probably go over this a few times before actually weighing in.

I wanted to say that I appreciate the amount of though you put into this idea and taking the feedback from the other post. I’ll look at this more in-depth and make a better discussion post later.


My concern is that it may be over complicated for something that exists outside the game. It would take a lot to read and understand it all.

Having said that, from what I see it looks interesting… I hope this doesn’t come accross as negative, just honest feedback.


Despite I’ve only been on this server for 1,5 seasons, the OCD has already become a very important aspect of the game! A fun and motivating one that is.
The HWS server is already a lot more complicated than others rule- and content wise, and for the new player harder to start out on than other servers. But in the long run this is what makes the gameplay superb! I’ve been met by a great community always willing to help and explain rules, tricks etc. to new players and lessen the hard start.

In short: I would prefere more complicated but also more fun gameplay in the long run, above easy but less fun in the long run - and I think this server can handle the complicated rules, etc. :slight_smile:

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Seems a bit too complex imho. I would simplify the process to be more new user friendly. Also, if you’re going to allow hacking you need to allow better safeguards… maybe something one time use.

Edit: you also need to factor in our currently full ocds and the legacy users who have 700k slots. Gold for items direct exchange?

Yea, was just trying my best to include all suggested ideas from the discussion thread that I had previously into one cohesive system. I wouldn’t imagine that even if it were decided by Jascha and Rex that they 100% loved the concept and wanted to make it exactly like this(which I highly doubt) that we would see this system come about as the next iteration but rather as something that comes about after a few stepping stones in this direction.

Personally, I see a good next step just changing to a larger OCD as the final result with smaller steps along the way which would in turn make some of the current highest numbers possibly smaller(5, 6, and 7 possibly) but giving those that already have achieved those a free upgrade or a refund or something inbetween.

I made a brief mention of this, but will give a bit more of what I would personally do:

OCD 7 Owners

  • Give them EOS 8
  • EOS 8 has more overall capacity than OCD 7
  • EOS 8 includes HWS - IOS 1 which is another 1,125,000 in standard item capacity
  • Give 175,000,000 credit refund

OCD 6 Owners

  • Give them EOS 7
  • EOS 7 has 50,000 less overall capacity than OCD 6
  • Give them Black Market IOS 1 which is another 250,000 any item capacity
  • Give 25,000,000 credit refund

Also something to keep in mind about complexity. The complexity wouldn’t be as severe for new players or vets, the commands could stay mostly the same and much of this could be reworked after some brainstorming, this is after only a few days of not much time with just me with a bit of free time here and there. I use EOS and IOS to not confuse it with the OCD for now, if it were to be worked into the existing system the EOS would become the OCD as far as commands go and the PvP iteration would be the only thing with new commands.

The Specialty Drones could be something that could be added in later iterations if separating the PvP and non-PvP OCD becomes a popular thing.


This is really something that deserves its own topic because there’s so much to discuss in regards to limitations to hacking. I think part of the reason it was so widely rejected when first mentioned though was because of the potential to lose everything, or if not everything than just so much all at once. That’s why I did this suggestion. The PvP related OCD has much smaller “slots” to steal from so you can’t lose 60,000 items in one single theft. You can still lose a significant amount but not so much that you just want to smash your keyboard against your monitor and never play again.

I want to talk about hacking limitations in more depth but something I have in mind is two-pronged hacking:

  • Blind Hacking: You hack the area you are in, gives a % chance to hack each time a drone is sent or retrieved. first time you succesfully hack you get whatever is in that drone. Could be empty or could be full.
  • Targeted Hacking: You target a player on the playfield you are on and when they send or receive a drone you get what is in that drone.

There will need to be limitations even on this, but essentially you are targeting the drones instead of the slots on the OCD so the PvP drones might need to be resized to prevent people sending too much and having the same result of losing so much all at once. Just some quick thoughts for now.

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Is this a thing? I wasn’t aware if it was, if so that’s awesome lol. I don’t imagine Rex will want to anger them by taking away the magnitudes of wealth they’ve amassed if they have still managed to keep these filled, but that would be something I think he would work out fairly with the players one on one.

For all others I am actually looking to try to increase the overall storage with some minor decreases at the current maximum level(7) with what I think are some reasonable adjustments in prices based off what feedback I have been able to gain from the community.

Ive been a trader for a while…
But ya. When OCD got nerfed, existing slots over the cap stayed as is, just could not be added to, Only removed from. Atleast until it reached the new limit.

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And I thought I was a hoarder…


now this is probably not a popular opinion… but what the heck - it’s only a discussion between enthusiasts right? :wink:

Personally, I have never felt quite comfortable with the entire “virtual” aspect of the OCD - that a massive, indestructible cargo drone follows you around the Universe and drops down with supplies instantly as you need them (in PVE).

I would rather a physical location for the EGS cargo storage service, you still get to keep/horde all your stuff, but it does not just appear out of the air/space.

I imagine this is a similar train of thought that the Devs are following to migrate to a physical shipyard rather than spawn ships out of vapour.

- anyway I did say it would not be a very popular view…!

is that 1.4 million in a single slot? Nice. While I don’t personally see a reason for that much I can see why you don’t see a reason to lose all that material you’ve saved up. So is your OCD currently full and that’s just a portion of your full inventory?

I know you guys probably expect many more responses from me at this point but I’ve been busy with classes and family lately. 3 weeks left of classes and have finals projects coming up next couple weeks so don’t even have enough time to play the game unfortunately. Add to that spending time with family, but I will be back to try and ruin more things you enjoy, just kidding.

I actually think people wouldn’t have a problem with it as long as it was:

  1. still 100% secure
  2. still able to carry things between seasons

On the other hand, if my IOS suggested iteration were to become a physical iteration that carries over and can be physically interacted with in other ways, that would be kinda cool. Not that it can just be randomly blown up but that if it requires planned heists where a faction first has to hack the player, then has to find the location, then it locks down the IOS and notifies the owner, then a fight ensues…might be too EVE-ish though and might not work for Empyrion. People just wouldn’t keep that much in the IOS so as not to risk that much, low risk, low reward. meh.

The biggest thing I see coming from that sort of thing is maybe tactical resources like combat steel and reinforced concrete being lost that might have been vital for rebuilding a base. Maybe some much needed base turrets. Could turn the tide of battles but not the overall result of wars, well maybe if well coordinated.

Your OP is too long, over complicated, and would be counterproductive to the player base. Still, I vote no.

Even though nothing you say makes any sense I expect nothing else from you. It’s not counter-productive in any way but please explain. How is it too long?

  • It adds 3 levels, suggested by another.
  • It adds a separated PvP OCD to allow opt in/out, suggested by another.
  • The PvP OCD has 3 levels on each version Black Market and HWS
  • Its pretty simple only the PvP iteration is vulnerable the other is the same as previously, only values changed
  • Specialty Drones could come later or not at all

EDIT: In regards to the OP being too long, I guess there’s some merit there. It is only too long because I wanted to put in the tables to show some numbers to compare the current OCD to what the new EOS/IOS numbers would look like so people could see the value per item and per slot they would be getting. Take away those tables and the OP is much shorter, half the size.

I just want to say that while the post is created by me it is a representation of ideas from this community after discussing the OCD with everyone here. Things that this community wants.

  1. A larger OCD
  2. More and smaller steps
  3. Cheaper slots
  4. More access to OCD from PvP

While not everyone agrees on everything, naturally, this is what I have been able to pick up on from feedback both in the game and on the forums. This is also represented in previous discussions on the forums. This is not my agenda, my agenda is merely to discuss the issue as it always has been.

I’ve been following your OCD posts for a minute here, and I have to say that I think “things that the community wants” is a little bit of a stretch. It seems like there are a few people who, after prodding, said they could use these things or some other changes (or said they wouldn’t ultimately be opposed to them). But overall, I would bet (again, after reading through all of these OCD posts - as in, not from an uninformed position) that most people just want it to remain as is. I know you don’t have an agenda, per se, but you do seem to have a pushing interest in changing the OCD, regardless of how many people say they don’t want to. Gaining positive feedback regarding some of your/other’s proposed changes from a few people doesn’t exactly constitute “things that the community wants”. Not trying to attack you or your position, just noting a possible bias I feel I’ve observed in your posts.

In other words, I don’t think the net gain from these proposed changes is worth the time/headache it would cause, both for Rex and the player base, up to and including veterans. They’re good changes, but is it worth it? I think not, personally. At least not for a system that works pretty well as is.


I mean the only drawback I see at all is the time and work to implement the changes, they would be beneficial only to the community. Those who didn’t want a larger OCD don’t need to invest further, those who have been grandfathered in, same basic thing. So I guess it comes down to whether or not Rex and Jascha think it is worth the time investment, considering Rex was the one that mentioned adding hacking I feel that he would consider it worth the investment.

He may have his own spin on how he wants things done, he may not want Specialty Drones. He may think of other ideas for Origin specific bonuses(or not want any). That’s completely up to him. So the question of worth is really whether or not it’s worth it to Rex and Jascha to put in the work and while they may not want to do everything listed above it may help them iron out their own idea and give them an idea of what the community is willing and ready to get behind. That was my only goal, discussion so that Rex can see what we the community want.

I don’t, after everyone is done attacking me for bringing up the sore topic which they are scared is going to be nerfed again the points I made are the things that this community has mentioned. Now it may only be a small portion of the community coming to the forums but this is a relatively small community with relatively few stances and opinions. I feel the things I listed are all things that this community has requested, I also said that not everyone agrees on everything though. That doesn’t mean it’s a stretch, just that, like any community, not everyone within this community agrees on everything.

That’s actually exactly what it means. A community never agrees on everything but can come to a consensus on things that they would be willing to tolerate or wouldn’t be bad ideas. Reducing the cost of some of the levels is something many people have agreed would make sense, veterans included. Adding more steps with less severity in those steps is another thing, some veterans also fell in this group. A larger OCD is something most veterans want, this is actually something most new players don’t want. More access to OCD from PvP this is where the new players have requested more often, but some veterans fall into this camp as well.

You can say it’s a stretch or it doesn’t constitute, but considering the small community and even smaller participation on these forums getting any form of agreement does fall in the camp community consensus especially when you look at forum history as well as in game chat from time to time. Again though, this all comes down to Rex and Jascha’s interpretations of how they want to make the changes and what they think is “worth the effort” but my post was just a simple grouping of ideas from the community and my suggesting how it could be done.

I mean honestly I personally don’t care if it stays the same, I’m gonna fall into the camp of trying to help the server by creating POIs, helping with event ideas, etc. with whatever free time I do have. I noticed that Rex wants to take the time to constantly bring new changes to the server and the OCD was something people were very sore about.

I was curious why and wanted to open the discussion so we could figure that out. Most people that said they don’t want changes also said it’s because of past changes that they don’t want to see more OCD changes. Changes that sound like they weren’t as will discussed or explained and left the community feeling as if they were not thought out. Since the OCD is something Rex still seems interested in making changes to I wanted to help him and the community find common ground on the changes.

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