Offline protection discussion and thoughts

So it has been almost 2 weeks since the deactivation of offline protection, here are my thoughts.

At first i thought it was a good idea no more combat logging, but now we have players waiting for us to go offline and they start digging into the base we see massive tunnels being dug in daylie others take puck shots at the base from a distance some just drain the ammo. All this is manageable when you are online but they wait for you to leave.

So we built this base to have fun we want others to attack us but when they only attack when you are offline the fun is over.

As this continues with others no one is going to build land bases and just go 50k away and create a really barren galaxy.

This is not a complaint just observations.

Thanks for providing us this awesome server for us to play with.

Maybe we should also think about one point we postponed since quite some time.
Since digging tunnels is still a way to get easily to a core and not everyone can digg out a whole area around the base to put allowed turrets.

What about alowing certain underground turrets:

  1. Only upside down, so they only fire under ground (might get tricky on hills. So we have to make clear rules here)

Maybe like this:
[attachment=0]Underground turrets.png[/attachment]

2. Just close range sentry guns to prevent direct attacks

That does not take away the Ammo drain problem, but would at least prevent those “cowered” :wink: who have to use such ways to get into a base.

Thoughts on that?

We have formulated a plan with my teammates to prevent digging but we are only 3 players and that plan will require lots of planning :smiling_imp:

I did not realise those turrets fired above ground. putting them upside down is a great idea.

Whilst interesting, this is all just sticky plasters. PvP in this game is totally broken, there is zero balance. Its most likely no fun for either those who want a fight or those who want to look at alternative ways of coutnering combat.

I spent 10 mins having a very nice (but in reality completely unbalanced) ship follow me around for a while (as there is no concept of having a speed advantage a 200t SV built like a brick can fly and be as agile as a 10t one) until he finally got me for the grand prize of no loot and me losing about 350 low level ores in construction cost for a nothing ship.

Bases are the same. A 100 turret base can be taken out by someone with a HV or two. It will get better, but it will take time.

Kalsius me and my faction which is me , Raven and Wortch. This is what we discuss all the time and are planning to make ground combat more of a game . We are currently devising base plans and maybe even having like gold loot in them to make it appealing to players to take it on. However are recent bases have been very successful at bringing players in to attack only a few have dared to attack while we were there(Judge,Ai3lder and Thranir just to name a few) Others have chose the more cowardly attack approach of digging.

So we just got in trouble and corrected a rule violation for having underground turrets(Turrets built inside the terrain). The only reason we used these was that me and Raven encountered a base on another server that used them and this base was the hardest base that we ever took(took us almost 2 weeks ), not only did we die dozens of times but other factions were also dying trying to take this base. It used upside in terrain player turrets which are actually deadly as hell when there a hundred of them.

Now we have also devised a way that we want to test that we may not need to do in terrain turrets to fight tunnelers. So stay tuned we will be announcing a planet that we will build said base on and once finished announce it to the server to see if anyone wants to try and crack it. And we will leave a decent amount of gold in it yet to be determined.

Zip, don’t get me wrong, I think it’s fantastic you guys are innovating and trying to get something out of this broken game. I might even have a crack at it myself :smiley:

I really hope things continue to progress such that this game stays in my interest and HWS is a great part of that but right now, other than being a challenge, the balance isnt there to invest too heavily in a long term base.

Can OP have a delay when the faction logs off ?