Offline protection

We all have seen that big base, ship waiting infront of you only to be greeted by an big shield around it that is impossible to take down, for me it really takes down the roleplay aspect of the game, i seen combat loggers to get the offline shield to protect them.
i seen people use alt accounts to abuse offline protection… there is no end of this abuse, and its damn unfair, i don’t understand why we can’t have an universe were evrything is open for grab, and let the players have their own police, pirate factions,
i mean i heard there is so many people who don’t pirate and steal, so why can’t they go together and protect themself? as it right now its not even playable, here i sit after 24 hours waiting for people to login to attack an base, and yes they did login and logout 20 sec after when they noticed me, so yes, 20 hours went down the drain.

I mean we as lawless pirates spend huge time on doing our raids, its not an easy buisness, alot of preparations has to be done, and with offline protection being ingame is an really huge advantage for the alliance, its after all an pvp game, i mean if i wanted to just build and not pvp i go play space engineers.

another option is to make an pve server and pvp server ,if you want to keep the carebears. but mixing pve with pvp is not an good thing, thahts why most of mmorpg has made pvp and pve servers, i never been on an server that supports pve this much, if you look at starmade, no pve zones outside spawn, space engineers no pve zone, rust no pve zones, ark survival no pve zones, so why should we have it!?
and i did some research around on other Empyrion servers, noone had permanent pve planets like us, and far bigger universes, its kinda said it has become such an small universe.
sorry if it got a bit mixed up in here, but what i am most disappointed about is the pve and offline protection of course, its not like in the real world you get to live in an pve zone lol

There’s a difference between PvP and PvSleep, if you’re spending 20 hours to plan to attack a base I think you need to spend less time prepping honestly. Also, this server is biased towards Alliance, I agree, but that’s Rexx’s choice, not mine. Not nessecarily a bad thing for the population, helps keep players wanting to play.

Maybe they should think of both sides not just alliance, i seen many lawless and pirates leave this server, since there is simply nothing to do anymore… its an alliance paradise.

I can always post my statement here: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=101#p341

PvP is Player vs Player. Not Player vs Sleeping people. But well the OP is taking care of that. The server should be big enough to have always some enemies around.
On the other site I don’t like PvE cause the game is not ready for it yet.
So we try to merge both worlds together even if it is hard. If we have an own PvE and PvP galaxy maybe we can turn the OP off then? So hardcore fighter are in PvP and peaceful guys are in PvE. The wormhole will be a kind of a mega event all the time…

Stay tuned :slight_smile:

Well that will just be bad then, if pve worlds is open to pvp worlds, then people can use them as safe heavens, i say make pvp planets 10x more resources, and pve worlds with nothing at all, so people need to venture out into the unknown looking for materials to survive, make the game more challenging.
i mean mars, earth an uranus has more resources than any pvp planet, why not boost the people who actually wants to take the risk and live in pvp.

and with people living in pve should have an non combat rule against pirates, lawless.

and having this small galaxy is really bad, with an bigger universe people will take more risks living on pvp planets, like the old world, it had many factions living on pvp planets,

atleast make uranus orbit pvp and keep the planet pve but no cv’s allowed.

I wrote somewhere: the pve and pvp world will not be linked together directly. They are splitted and only 1 time per week a wormhole will be openend for 24 hour where player can fly from pvp to pve or vise versa. In the PvE world only Earth will be PvE and no big CVs are allowed there.

That the universe is smaller now seems so - basically it is only because of the star formation. If I would have made this system in one line again it would take long from A to B again.

We have real life and working life. We are working on it

I am actively playing on 2 other servers that are primarily PvE, and it’s great fun. I play HWS purely for the tools/mods they are coming up with. There is definitely more PvP in HWS than many servers, simply due to population, there’s more people online than most servers.

I also play part time on 2 smaller PvP servers. Where PvP is mostly pre-planned Events that everyone gets online for. It’s great fun, and server lags like a mofo. haha They are more about fighting people that are online, not raiding offline bases, or stalking a players base to attack when they log in. As Emyprion does not really manage free-for-all PvP/griefing/raiding that well, very heavy advantage Attacker (If you fail to raid a base after stalking the player till they login, you REALLY suck at this game).

Most servers have PvE starter worlds, and many servers have many PvE playfields, even if just orbits around pvp planets. So to say other servers don’t have pve is nonsense.

And yea, I’ve seen lots of players use game mechanics to avoid loosing everything, and I don’t really blame them. As I said, PvP isn’t balanced at all in this ALPHA game. So if someone isn’t at their base, or logs out when you try to raid them the second they log in, then LEAVE, go do something else. The game cannot support PvP 24/7, there simply isn’t enough players, or enough time/content to do that. Empyrion takes time and resources to build ships, build base, etc. It takes just mins to raid a base, and if done well costs you almost nothing. There’s no way you can be raiding ships/bases 24/7. When a player wants to PvP, they’ll stay logged in. Or you can tell them you’ll be back and to get ready, give them a reason to stay logged in and fight you. Don’t be a whinny little griefer. PvP is about both P’s having fun.

In most PvP oriented games, there are mechanics to facilitate 24/7 PvP, you just respawn and fight again, without loosing all your gear. The worlds are large enough with literally 1000’s of players to interact with. Empyrion isn’t pure PvP, you don’t just respawn instantly with a new ship and ammo and enter the fight over and over and over again. It takes time to prep. Not everyone is willing to spend 1 week building, to loose it to a 5 min raid the second they login.

Why can’t everyone join the same faction and protect each other you ask?? The reasons are pretty obvious, but I’m guessing you know the answer, but just avoiding it hoping no one will notice.

  • OP only works when ALL faction members are offline. If you get everyone from multiple worlds and multiple bases/ships all joining same faction, there’s a very good chance 1 of them will be online, which deactivates ALL OP everywhere for that faction. And there is no way 1 player can defend every base every ship, everywhere. (Until Eleon fixes turrets to be useful, there’s no way to defend a base you’re not at).
  • Every member of a faction has access to everything, can turn power off/on, can access all cargo’s, etc etc. It takes only 1 noob player to leave the power off and base defense down, or only one spy/traitor to steal everything and sabotage the faction. So you don’t necessarily want everyone in your faction.
  • Turrets will auto fire on EVERYTHING that isn’t Faction owned, so privatising things doesn’t really work well inside factions. You cannot set individual permissions on base functions.

Basically, the game mechanics do not support large factions, or alliances, meaning players cannot join each other and work together. Period. When that is fixed, I am 100% sure people WILL group together and eliminate pirate threats…

Till then, the server admin need to ‘fill that hole’ in game Mechanics, or factions like Pirate and Lawless simply roll over anything they like.

All the servers you mentioned have far more advanced PvP mechanics. They also have dedicated PvE servers. You cannot compare other games to Empyrion which is still in Alpha, and lacking a tonne of multiplayer mechanics.

Regarding scruffy’s post, having alot of people in one faction is really bad, i can just join an faction, steal all their shit and leave to live happily ever after.

I welcome all to participate in the Poll: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=154

Anyways it seems no one wants to have the OP completley OFF. I just hope the devs spending more love into the mechanic (combat logging etc.).

Like Blackwing stated in the Poll thread: with the ability to store your stuff in your inventory, the blueprint factory or even our Trading System the OP is a good way to be save just in case.

So for now it seems that we will have a larger universe with only 2 PvE Start planets (Earth and Mars. The other faction planets are no starter planets anymore. You have to fly to there) and 1 PvE Orbit (Elemental Marketplace) where you can park your ships.