Offline... so website features appear to be broken

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What happened?
=> website reports me as being offline despite logging in with the game/steam
I have been trying to claim vote rewards since I started playing on your server back in august. My faction tells me it is working on their end. So it seems to be a problem with only my account.

Player(s) with issue? (steam name)
=> thefierypit

Server? (EU or NA or RE)
=> RE

When did it happen? (Use server time: type ingame cb:time)
=> since august

On which Playfield?
=> website

Structure Name(s)?

Structure ID(s) (Open ingame console and type di)?

How can we help you now?
=> I need someone to look into why i cannot vote on your server it says that I am offline. I also have no access to the market or any other website features. This is an ongoing issue since I started playing in august. My faction can access the markets and vote so it is only a problem with my account.

Sometimes the web api stops working. No idea why yet.
It should work again by now.

It has not worked for me one time so far. I have have tested everyday over a month now and always I am offline. The rest of my faction has no problem. They used the market and it worked. So I tested immediately after and I’m offline. I have tried edge,mozilla,and chrome all have no results. Something is wrong with the account itself or possibly the way I am signing in through steam. please look into this further.

Very weird. Your account should be fine.
The next time you are online, plz let me know and I can debug better.
Also those might help:

  1. try to ocd:put 1 item
  2. upgrade your OAM to lvl 1 so you have some data to work with in HWS Connect
  3. do a eb:payin to also get some data

the credits appear in-game in the eb:info but not in the website. All of the information on the website is blank. I have many am’s running and it still shows all 0. The issue might have something to do with the playerID. Please check and make sure the ID in the save and on the website match.

This is all fine, no worry.
I rather think you selected the wrong server?
Can you post screenshots of your HWS Connect please?

omg ty i did not see the tiny button i changed to RE and now its good to go :smiley:. That needs to be more predominately placed. It looks like part of the logo up on top of the page like that.

Ah cool.
There are 2 ways of selecting a server, at the top for smart discoverer or on the left sidebar navigation.
In the redesign I will make it much better, yes.

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