Old auto miner

i have the old am for iron and such am i able to sell these or not i the commands would not let me sell them if not is there any way to get them from showing on the list?

No you cant sell them now. We had a choice to risk selling them until 4.0 There was a possibility that HWS will keep its AMs in case Eleon AMs will suck (which they do for sure) so some ppl took a risk and sold theirs in time, some kept all at level 10.
Good old times…

Personaly i think its a waste of work a bit, and there should be something done with HWS AMs, I joined game at start of 4.0, put 1000 drill charges in AM and they are still working so its like working for free in comparsion with fueling by pentax before 4.0.
By waste of work i mean it wasnt easy to create and now its just such memento from old times. I still like idea of capturing something on planet which would claim a planet for faction so old HWS autominer would be producing something, like industry is established on claimed planet until other faction will claim planet for themselfs. But I hoped that Empyrion will became more like war for territory between factions which is not going to happen anytime soon im affraid.

Simply said if you capture iron planet your HWS autominer will be producing some amount of iron (80%) and maybe rest (20%) of other resources. This could be divided between factions with bases on planet also…but well…when i see current PvP ships i understand it would only lead to ppl spaming cores to gain majority of bases on planet and so on…and well its already done with that Eleon crap so its lost case.

But yes, Im for allowing us to sell old autominers for fraction of their price so at least we dont have to look at them everytime we take out gold.

They are frozen for now.

They don’t consume fuel but you only can empty them with am:get:all.
Nothing new will be produced by them.

If we have time we can improve our Auto Miner as what Elfias suggested or other ideas. For now it is intentional and fits into the current universe.

Time can change stuff.
Stay tuned

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