Old Blueprints

We desperately need a way to update old blueprints! There are hundreds of existing blueprints that cant be used because they use the old pre-alpha hull blocks. They represent thousands of hours of work in creative mode by their authors (or as I like to call them imagineers.) It is such a waste that they can’t be used in multiplayer mode. There is a workaround for single player, but it is a bandaid solution because it doesn’t fix the problem of hull blocks. The devs really need to find a way to allow the community to update those blueprints without rebuilding hundreds of ships from scratch!

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Hey Naut - does the replaceblocks function help? In creative? Try replacing with it combat steel and then back?

Hopskotch is right, if you can spawn it in creative then you already are able to use that blue print just go into console and type replaceblocks “entityid” HullArmoredFull HullArmoredFullLarge and replace “entityid” with the CV’s ID.

http://empyrion.gamepedia.com/Replace_Blocks_Command for all block types.

If it still doesn’t work just go around and salvage the Devices save it respawn it then rebuild the devices and save it again and then it should work in multiplayer.

That only works for the hull blocks, it doesn’t work for the hull corners, angles, slopes, etc etc.

I’m talking about the old pre-alpha hull blocks. ‘hull slope’ ‘hull cube’ ‘hull ramp’ etc etc. Only hull cube can be replaced. The rest cannot. There are hundreds of ships that were made with those blocks that effectively are a waste unless someone rebuilds them. I’ve taken one or two blueprints and used the command to replace the hull cubes, then gone and manually replaced the rest, but that takes a ridiculous amount of time. There has to be a better way. They should implement a command like they did with “-alpha4” to replace all the blocks, otherwise those blueprints will likely never be used.

Wonder if that’s come up on official forums yet?

more than just cube can be replaced, if there is any blocks that arnt around anymore just multi tool them before typing the command. (There cant be too many)

If you know the commands for these other hull block types please share!

I’m looking at a CV that has over 1000 right now.

Strange that command worked for me with full, slope, and the other 2 slopes, you don’t have to replace all 1000 blocks just the weird block types that aren’t around anymore if your whole ship is with weird shapes that aren’t around anymore then… there is no command that will fix that. That command only replaces block material type not shape.

Hence why my OP. There are a bunch of ships that aren’t weird, they just aren’t cubes. So they have a lot of angled blocks and all the different types. There are a lot of ships that were designed back then that used angles and rounded slopes etc etc. I’ve used your method of replacing those blocks and then running the command, but that is very time consuming and doesn’t work for bigger builds. Some CVs have 15,000 + blocks. Some of the SVs are big too. It is unreasonable to expect players to rebuild 100s of ships representing 1000s of hours. A command would be much better and much appreciated!

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I have to say I actually agree here.


Full block list can be found in the Localization file at:
Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Empyrion - Galactic Survival\Content\Extras

From my experience, it may take a few difference commands to replace the blocks but it’s usually doable with 3 - 4 replace block commands.

You may also want to look at the official empyrean wiki for more details on the Replace Block command as several of the commands are already built for you that do exactly what you are looking for.

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It isn’t doable via the commands. The problem is there is no target to replace the old hull shapes with. The new blocks don’t have the shape in the name of the block, the old blocks do. So the best you can do is “replaceblocks (id) HullCorner HullFull” There is no shape to the new blocks. So you end up replacing the old blocks with full size cubes. There is no HullFullCorner for instance. That is the problem. You are able to isolate the block to be replaced using that list, but you can only replace it with full size cube blocks.

If the ships are that important, Use the N XY in creative… Hold shift and right click spam. You can empty a 20k CV in 5 minutes tops and then you just put the insides back in… I’ve re worked hundreds of CV’s and it’s pretty simple. The commands all work, type it in google and you should find a list of them somewhere.

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You don’t seem to understand or didn’t read the above post.