Old Ships Won't Fly

I spawned an SV and a CV that I used last season. They fire up, thrusters on but won’t move. What do I need to update for this season?

Have you checked CPU and the values? (P menu)
If they are correct, have you checked that you are not to heavy?

I found that all the concrete and xeno in my storage was too heavy. Keep it in your pockets or stash it in OCD.

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I’m not sure how to check if cpu and weight is good or bad. Do I possibly need a T2 or 3 cpu extender?

When pressing P in your structures, you can go to CPU, next to information on that structure!
There you see the numbers going up next to each TIE, and your numbers at the bottom!

If you are at NA server, i can come and have a look!
Just PM me on discord

This is the first time I have been criticizing to this server,sorry.This is a common problem.It is not normal for a ship tested in Creative do not work on the server!I have ships which have a good couple of Newtons,but can’t move in server.In creative have for example
the mass 1.18 Kt and cargo lift available 10.8 kt.Speed 76 m/s.But in server have 1m/s !!!Can not warp!If you have modified the calculation formulas for mechanical physics,why don’t put here,on the forum?If the physics created by Eleon Games don’t work here, where can I test my ships? Directly in the game, wasting materials and time?I’m sorry I have to say this, but it’s a wrong way to approach it.In the game I want to relax and play with pleasure.
If that turns into stress, it’s no longer a game,it is another job!

Creative mode doesn’t have volume and mass active and the server does, for one.
Also, if your creative game is too old then it might not have CPU active either and the server does.

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That is technically and overall wrong.
I can’t do that and I won’t do that.
The only thing what is possible is to reduce/increase the Mass/Volume values.
In fact, I even reduced the Volume and Mass of certain items.

Everything else like Thrust force etc. are the same as Vanilla.

Thanks everyone for the answers.
@ Twitchy :Creative mode doesn’t have volume and mass active and the server does, for one.

But it’s weird,in all versions of the game, what works in Creative, works the same on the server.It would have made no sense for Creative ships to be without mass and volume,or no active CPU.In this case, the creation of a ship would have given wrong results.
@ All:
So, I did my own tests and opened a server without any changes.
The ship that works with 1m / s in HWS EU(CV class 1),in my server has the correct speed, 76m / s.Without CPU upgrade,no other modification.
I mention that I did not make any changes in my server for volume and mass,or other things

So exactly what are the requirements now for getting a ship to fly on HWS as far as weight and CPU. I’ve stripped all weapons and a lot of equipment from my CV in question to lighten the load but it still won’t fly. And I added a T4 CPU. If I use a ship from the workshop, what do I need to know before I waste all the mats on building a dead ship.

1 tier 4 extender doesn’t do anything. T4 requires 4 of the T4 extenders. You have to place the max amount of extenders for the tier before they add anything.

T2 is 1 extender. T3 is 2. T4 is 4.

The game still has bugs.after reinstallation, the values in Creative now correspond to those on the server.From his appearance until now, it is the first time I reinstall it :slight_smile: .
Thank you all for your time!

Next time delete the cache folder before you try to reinstal, save yourself some time.