Ongoing NPC trader issue

Hey all I’ve had an idea after finding out the problem with lazy people knocking the station out of alignment with the traders.
While this is an on going issue I was wondering if possible to make like a environmental effect to specify where the trader are.
Each one is signified by colours in the market so I thought if possible make an orb of light with the corresponding colour with smaller orbs inside coloured to correspond with each trader.
This for many including myself who suck at co-ords :stuck_out_tongue: the change to use the NPC traders and also it will benefit the owners of the traders too.
Just a temp idea I had untill the issue is resolved

Thanks Black for the idea.
You can try it with >10 blocks SVs or so. Next week this mess is over anyways.

Ahh cool may just wait got alot on with the revamp to auxilio, need to get my finger out and create the new thread for it too lol :slight_smile: