Only 1 faction CV in Elemental Marketplace?

Another faction mate was shopping at the Market at the same time as I was tonight apparently. Anyways I saw the 5 warning message saying all the CVs would be taken.

I don’t really understand why you would limit each faction to 1 CV since it is my understanding that EM is taxed and that pretty much prevents anyone from camping out there. So if you are set on limiting CVs in EM, can you at least up the limit maybe to 3 per faction so we don’t feel like we have to hustle out of there in 2 minutes?


I agree with you on this. When you have a faction with 15+ people all wanting to go there its going to become a big issue. Agreed up the limit or give 30 mins to leave.

  1. taxes -> credits are for some people like tears in the wind -> nothing
  2. 1 CV should be enough for everyone. At least for 75 minutes. Everything can be done in that time there. If you want to park you have to move out. With 3000 people there is no (performance) possibility to allow this

oh you get 75 mins before warning. That’s plenty of time I agree @Booyaah did not say how long he was there before he got the warning

but is that 75 mins from the 1st faction ship as that could be a problem

As soon as you or one of your faction members comes online it starts at 75min countdown. Enough time indeed.

Ok so 1 faction member gets there… starts shopping, and has to AFK for whatever reason and takes longer than expected and is gone for 20 mins or so, (yes its his/her fault but happens sometimes) . Comes back and starts doing thing he came to do for next 15-20 minutes… 2nd faction member gets online in game and goes to EM to pick up some order he placed the night before… other guy was now there say 60 minutes … does that mean in 15 minutes BOTH the guy there for 60+ minutes and the guy that just got there 10 mintues ago (well within his 75 minute mark) loose their ships? Simply cause the second guy didnt know when or how long the first guy previously entered or are they on seperate timers… ie: first guy looses ship if he stays (his fault really) but second guy is still safe for another 50 mintues or whatever?

Please help confirm how the timer works here… so we are “Warned” appropriately…

Warp out, go AFK and come back if it takes too long.
There is no deal with time. The time is fixed and just go in, shop and go out. (or deal with taxes if you want to park there).

But if you go with multiple ships there you have to take care of the 75 mins. Don’t forget you have passenger seats to play multiplayer + trade with others. No need to fly there with multiple ships from one faction at all.