Only receiving Connecting to server - Unable to connect

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What happened: Only receiving Connecting to server
Player(s) with issue: Mysteriouscody
Server: HWS EU
Time (cb:time): 21:42
Playfield: Not online
Structure Name(s): Not online
Structure ID(s): Not online
How can we help you now: I have tried connecting via VPN, Cleared my playfield chach, reinstalled EAC and verified the game. Still unable to connect. I can Tracert the server. Tried connecting to direct IP with same problem.

Does it work to connect on other servers?


Where did you last disconnect from hws? and when?

What you experience often happens to people that “fall trough” a planet or something like that! Last time i had the problem it just worked it self out after some hours…

Hello @Mysteriouscody
I see you ingame. So all good?

Good day Rexxxus,

Its very incremental. I have tried a different connections but same issue. I am currently struggling to connect again

Dont know if there is any issue with my game, i have tried Verifying my game files, cleared the caches. No luck still having the same issue. I can give you my Static Public IP in Private chat if you would like to check the connection logs if their are any issues with it

Hmm… are you playing over any VPN or Proxy?
This is the reason for disconnects in the past.

Crawling the logs something else is way more interesting:




And so on… do you see the pattern here?

Cpt RedBeard basically ALWAYS logins and get disconnected at the same time as you.

Friend? Family Share? Alt Account?

The times where you played alone and got disconnected I can only imagine that our Server Provider Proxy are not friendly to South Africa servers, I don’t know.

CPT_Red Beard is a Friend yes but different town, different ISP. We login at roughly the same time, but as far as i can tell i am the only one getting the issue where my connection is continuesly giving me only the connecting to server message and then returning to main menu. I understand that it might be some silly issue with the cross water connection. I thank you for the time spend trying to assist i appreciate it. Will just carry on as i am currently doing by waiting for a connection to the server.

I really appreciate the fact that HWS has admins that actually invest time in assisting players. 1 Up for the admins.

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